AMD 8370e and i5 4670k benchmarks @ 4K

That would never happen. it clearly didn't work for AMD.. look at the predicament they are in now, they have Zen coming, and the R9-300 series is just straight re-brands/-refreshes. you think Intel is willing enough to take that risk and Invest onto CMT? Hell no. AMD continuing to invest on to CMT ruined them. New Architecture or not, it sucked.

Well not really. it comes with the territory. One person does something, a few months later EVERYONE does it. it was going to happen regardless if AMD did it first or not. it's just that pressure being put on Intel made them invest money and to developing it cause AMD was whipping their ass. it's been 5 years since AMD has brought a performance grade chip. if Zen doesn't do well, there's a good chance that will be it for AMD.

As for the Reverse Engineering. Nope. Intel doesn't have to do that.. at least not anymore. they have WAAAAAAAY more money than AMD. Intel could of put AMD out of business realistically two years ago. but they didn't. Intel's been on a throne for so long that they've become lazy. they have stuff that can destroy and put AMD out of their misery, they just haven't done it. and if you want to get down to it, I'm pretty sure Intel just wants AMD to put their own selves out of business.