AMD 8320 vs Intel i5 3570k overlcocking question

So I have been running an i5 3570k setup for a while now (something like 6 months).  These are the specs of that  PC

i5 3570k
Asus P8Z77-V
2x4GB DDR3 2133
PCP&C 750w silencer (pre-shit silencers) 
2x560ti SLI
XSPC RS720 3x120mm Water cooling kit.

So I was able to get that cpu from the stock 3.4ghz to 4.7GHZ no problem keeping under 60*C (prine95 for 30minutes = 48-50C) 

Now I went out and bought a AMD 8320 for shits and giggles (and also becuase of the 8320vs3570k video logan put out) with the intention of overclocking the snot out of this thing.  I was looking to hit 5GHZ no problem with a triple rad WC setup.

AMD Specs are:
Asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0
-everything else is same specs-

Stock temps I was idling at something like 20C according to Asus EVO whatever suite.  I crank it up to 4.4GHZ and all of a sudden I'm flying past 60C and nearly reaching 70C.  CPU voltage is set to 1.368V its completely stable in prime 95, but I'm scared to go anyfurther.  +60C is bad enough.

Everyone seems to say that the AMD chip is an overclocking monster.  Is it normal for this chip to be hitting these temps at this freq/voltage?  Should I go and return this cpu and get a new one?  Whats the deal here?  

Those temps look to be about on par as the stock air cooler, not of a triple rad water loop. Re-seat the water block, only use a small amount of thermal compound (grain of rice); DO NOT SPREAD (creates pockets of air which is bad for thermal conductivity).

I will give that a shot in like 30min, i put about 2grains of rice worth on and didnt spread.

Sorry for the double post, but I reseated the water block and applied a rice grain of thermal paste.  Same results, hitting 70*C and rising (im afraid to let prime 95 keep going, dont want to damage the cpu).  I was afraid that there mi ght be some air pockets in my rad, but i took it out the system (without draining) and rotated the system a bit to see if there are airpockets.  none that i could find.

Those temps don't really look right. I have the 8350, have it clocked to 4.7ghz. I have it cooled with an H80 and Noctua NF-F12's. Browsing internet, regular windows stuff - 25C. Full load gaming - 40-50C. My computer is also in the livingroom, right next to the fireplace might I add. :P 

What are you're ambient temps? If you're getting 20c, then it must be a fair bit below 20c in the room. If not, the software you are using to get temps might be reporting inaccurately.  It's impossible for idle temps to drop below ambient unless you're using some really exoctic cooling (LN2)

Could have just lost the silicon Lottery

That's an understatement... assuming that problem is as bad as it seems.

so i should probably return it and get a new one huh?  im sure microcenter will replace it no problem.

this is my setup (on an older i7 950 cpu/mobo, i just changed the water block's faceplate) 

Just an update for you guys;  I returned the cpu to Microcenter with no problem and got a replacement.  I installed everything and im hitting abou 42-43C full load.  I guess it was the CPU afterall.  Thanks for the help guys.  Time to push this puppy past 5ghz :)