AMD 8320 high temps

So i have the turbo turned on at all times and in load my cpu hits 55C with the NH-D14 cooler this seems a little high for me. ideas?

Was the thermal paste applied properly? That's all I could think of if something is wrong. 55 degrees doesn't seem that bad if you're running turbo constantly.

My overclocked 8350 hits 78c under FULL load (never above 58 or so during gaming/regular use) with that same cooler, so I think something might be a little off with your settings, or you got a really bad chip.  Maybe try turning turbo off and overclocking to compensate?

78C?! That chip shouldn't go beyond ~62C. 78C is way too high, especially with that cooler (unless you are running it at some really EXTREME clocks which you should not with air cooling).

If those temps are hit under regular "gaming" loads, OP:s has defnintely done something wrong with either the cooler mounting or the thermal paste application . How much thermal paste did you use and which "method" did you apply it with?

switch off turbo and set the cpu multiplier to 20 this will run the cpu at 4Ghz at stock volts.

Runing turbo mode over volts the cpu to around 1.45v (some mobos maybe +/- 0.05v) the extra voltage makes a BIG temprture differnce.

78 degrees is the socket temperature, not the temperature of the CPU.

AMD CPUs can't work above 61.

Either you applied thermal paste improperly or you are reading the wrong temperature.

In HWMonitor, the one you are looking for is Package temperature under CPU section.

I think if you read his post once more, there seems to be something off about it. I think he accidentally wrote 78 instead of another number. probably miss-clicked on the number pad. Considering he says he gets 78 then makes the comparison about how 58C sounds high. But that's just my observation.

In any case, it may have something to do with the way you applied thermal paste I would recommend re-applying it. I know I have had differences of 10-15C because my thermal paste wasn't put on correctly. I would also recommence using "Hardware Monitor" to check you CPU temps.

Ok so update time

I have gone into the bios and OC'ed the 8320 to 4.3 Ghz and with all 8 core maxed out it runs at 53C and my score in Cinebench R11.5 is 7.37