AMD 8320/ GTX 770 build complete.. for now

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Steam: jon_gruden

Origin: hunter8793

Updated pic:

With GPU: pc

This build will replace my console, as I just sold it on ebay... 

Budget is $800 or less.. less is better right lol... Edit: I blew that budget...


CPU: AMD FX 8320

CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i

MOBO: Asus M5A99fx Pro R2.0

GPU: Instead of a 270, I ordered an ASUS gtx 770.

PSU: I got an EVGA 750b semi modular 80+ bronze

Case: Fractal Define R4 w/ window

Ram: g skill sniper 1866 2x4gb

HDD: 1tb WD blue 7200rpm

SSD: Samsung EVO 120gb


 Edit: 1/16, I should get the GPU in tomorrow!



you need to get the non le version of that motherboard, no heatsink on the power regulators, with a high power chip you stand a pretty good chance of frying the board

So this board is better and worth the money? 

M5A99X EVO R2.0

yes, that's a pretty good choice, I noticed you went with a 750w psu, if you're planning on multi gpu in the future I would recommend spending extra to get a 990fx motherboard, the m5a99fx pro is a fairly good board

as 990x supports half-speed dual gpu and 990fx supports full-speed dual gpu

Alright I think I'm about to commit and order the first few major components since Newegg is having a nice deal on the 8320 and I can get an ASUS 270x with free BF4. 

I can get the 8320 for $139.99 after coupon code

And a decent deal on an ASUS dvd drive


Good buy? Or wait?

I would go with something like this. It's a little under 800 before mail in rebates. The 7870 in this build is the same thing as the 270x. You wanted expandability with your psu. This one is way better than the corsair and it's part of a combo deal. If you live anywhere near a microcenter I would recommend going there and checking out their combo deals. Case is subjective but the arc midi r2 is amazing and 80 dollars is a good deal.

I ordered the FX 8320, Corsair H100i for $72, and the ASUS M5A99fx mother board today. 

For a case the Corsair Carbide 300R is about $80 on sale right now. It has a nice large side window but does have 2 vents in it for fan mounting... Depending on how big you want your side window there a MANY choices out there for a case. 

Get the 270X it should be able to play BF4 well at that resolution on ultra / well over 60fps on high.

Thanks for the replies and suggestions! I was about to buy the ASUS 270x on Newegg the other day and it would have came with BF4 code, but it went OOS.. I guess I'm gonna wait for the MSI 270x or the ASUS to come back in stock and hopefully with the BF4 code. I'm still stuck on which case to get.. like you said.. there are many options.

R9 270Xs and 280Xs are going to be out of stock for awhile.

The R9 270 has performance that is pretty much parallel to the R9 270X.  Those should be in stock.

got some parts in.


Just powered it on for the first time. The mobo lights came on, so did the H100i, but the fans that are plugged into it did not spin. So I don't know what's up with that. The fans are connected to the H100i via two splitter cables, which I thought would controller their speed, and provide power from the H100i to the fans...


Any ideas?

Lol I finally figured out how to get the pic to show up..


There it is.. No GPU yet.. or OS.. or mouse.. or keyboard... 


might be a bit late, but I don't think an ar-15 will fit in that case

Yeah, I think you're right lol

I ordered this gpu:

Now I need to find a decent keyboard and wireless mouse.

its a nice rig :)

I got it up and running tonight. But the gpu kinda sags even thought I tried very hard to hold it up and tighten down the screws very well.