AMD 8 core or intel ivy bridge? for new build

Hey guys recently won a competition and about to recieve the new msi Z77A GD65 gaming mobo. one beautiful board. However im in limbo to what cpu to build my new rig around.

Im currently leaning towards the idea of selling or trading in the mobo to buy a 990fx board. Then get the amd 8350 instead of buying an ivy bridge i5 or i7 to build around. Im thinking about longevity with the games soon to be released from the console side of things (all 8 core amd) with be coded to really make use of the cpu and make the ivy bridge redundant.


need some serious advice from people with more knowledge, so please any help and reasoning would be great.



The 3770k does beat the 8350, by a minimal margin, but it also has native USB 3.0 and PCIe 3.0. If you already own the GD65, or will be getting it soon, then the money you sold it for wouldn't really make the 8350 solution cheaper. I'd just get a 3770k, if I were you.

seconded, with finding someone to sell the board to, taking a price cut (brand new or not, if i can pay newegg the same, you bet your ass i trust them more than i trust you), shipping...

even if you don't end up paying more for an 8350, it wont be worth the hassle in my oppinion

I agree with Brennan. You're sacrificing PCIe gen 3.0 and better connectivity, to gain more cores. If the 8 physical cores of the 83xx processors makes Ivybridge redundant, then just about any Intel motherboard makes AMD motherboards redundant lol. There are weaknesses to either platform.

Though, I like AMD, 8 physical cores isn't going to be totally necessary for next gen gaming. It will have it's advantages, it certainly helps with streaming. However, you're really not at a disadvantage if you chose to use an Intel 4 core. You're going to get a greater amount of longevity as far as next generation graphics cards are concerned. Because we are going to see PCIe gen 4 before 2016, possibly 2015.

yeah alot of hassle to maybe break even, or save £10- £50 its not the price point so much, as the board is free. im purely looking at 2-3 years down the line and justifying almost £1000 on a nice system. I need it to last.

Thanks for the input :)

the new pcie gen 3.0 are now on some 990fx boards (the new asus boards i have seen so far) but they dont use a amd chipset so connectivity isnt an issue anymore. But i think you guys are right and ill have to keep looking for good deal on the i7



It doesn't metter if the boards have PCIe 3.0, because the 8350 doesn't have PCIe 3.0, or any other AMD chips as of now.


well if you won the board, then i would say stay with it, and buy a i7-3770K on it. because if you sell this board, and buy an FX8350 cpu and 990FX chipset board a decent one! then you will spend arround the same, then if you buy a i7-3770k only. ☺ just 2 of my cents

update guys i stuck with the board got myself an i7 3770k and an amd hd 7970 gigabyte windforce, ssd yada yada yada. it is sweet! thanks for the advice guys

If you want to "future-proof" your PC, you should get the 8Core.

There was an interview with some devs a while back, and when they were asked if they'd use a 3570k or 8350 for next gen gaming, all of them chose the AMD CPU.