AMD 7950 vs. GTX 660 Ti

  So I've come across these two cards, both from MSI:, They're both $290 at microcenter and the 7950 comes with two free games. I think until around December the 660 ti was better but apparently due to driver updates the 7950 has gained the upper hand. So which one is it, and also they're both stock overclocked, not that it matters- BUT there's a chance the 7950 comes with a 7970 PCB.

Get the 7950 unless you are going to be using the Cuda cores. I've said this in another 7950 vs 660 ti post, the 660 ti is slightly slower than the 7950 but the 7950 has big spikes in fps compared to the 660 ti.

Get the 7950 right now with those 2 free games!