AMD 7850K or i5 4670k

A currently have a cpu AMD X6 1055t and a gpu 7950 and i am going to upgrade cpu and motherboard, what would be the best cpu for gaming? AMD 7850K or i5 4670k.

4670k for sure, unless you plan on just using integrated graphics

Well thats like comparing apples to chicken liver pate obviously the i5 4670k is a better cpu and i dont see why you have even looked at a APU when you have a HD7950 allready.

Allso i will buy your 1055t from you if its going for a reasonably price....

(Your 1055t is better than that APU)

Well... right now, the i5. For gaming definitely the i5.

But who knows in a year's time? AMD has a lot of new technology behind the Kaveri, so it will depend on how third party software developers integrate that technology into their products. HSA is a really big evolutional step forward in how CPUs are designed. And they also showcased at CES a technology in which the graphic processors on the APU, even if the APU isn't in CrossFire (or Dual Graphics) with a discrete GPU, it can leverage some of the workload typically assigned to the GPU, like physics. Linus talked about it at the very start of the WAN show.

To put things into perspective, AMD was the one that invented the 64-bit CPU. That's why it is often referred to as an AMD64 operating system instead of an x64 (or x86_64) OS. When it was first launched in 2003 there was no software developers backing it up, but right now the 64-bit CPU architecture is everywhere. As it stands, it seems to me that AMD learnt from its mistakes and there are a lot of software developers involved with HSA (they formed the HSA Foundation) and it is also open source. I expect a faster adoption of HSA, I am actually planning my next build around it.

Go with the i5 the 7850k would be a downgrade. Not sure why you would drop the 1055t though they're no slouches. I'd give it a bit of clocking personally my brother has his at 4ghz

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The promise of AMD's technologies like HSA should be kept in perspective.  If the APU were to fulfill every promise AMD has made for it, then even so it will only speed up tasks that fit the SIMD model.  Now, that includes many tasks besides gaming tasks.  All kinds of tasks can use the SIMD model, and that is what GP-GPU is all about.

Even so there are severe restrictions on what fits the model, and many apps including games require some grunt from a general-purpose CPU.

Ksajal you said that AMD invented the 64-bit CPU.  I'm sure you didn't mean to say it that way, in fact AMD designed the 64-bit ISA for the x86.  They can't be given credit for inventing the 64-bit CPU, only pushing adoption of 64-bit on x86, which may be the best thing that happened to x86 in a long time.


Yep, my bad :)

The new A10 7850k is not a performance chip and will not serve your HD7950 well and its a little over priced. It would make more scene to compare the AMD FX-8350 and the i5 4670k. The 8350 and the 4670k perform really close in most games even when overclocked. Both are good choices. The 8350 is about $40 less than the 4670k but the 4670k does perform better in many things outside of gaming. Intel chips also have more motherboards to pick from. But if more new games like BF4 come out that can utilize more than 4 cores the 8350 could be the better option. There is a good chance we will see more new games with good support for up to 8 cores because the new consoles are 8 core x86 based. AMDs new Mantle API due to be an alternative to Microsoft's DirectX will also support more than 8 cores. I'm in the process of making the same decision spending hours researching. If you plan on serious overclocking go with the AMD FX-8350 at 5Ghz its a beast, other wise the Intel will probably serve you best at the end of the day.  


In other words maybe i should hold off on a upgrade,

The price point here in Sweden is

Core i5 4670K 1769sek (273usd)

AMD FX 8350 1506sek (232usd)

AMD A10 7850K 1590sek (245usd)

i was not considering the FX thou to the lack of PCIe 3.0 motherboard support, and its one of the reason i am thinking to upgrade.the 7850k seems like a good option thou to true audio and HSA but maybe i wont benefit duo to my 7950, or will i?

i have my 1055t clocked to 3500mhz

PCIe 3.0 is pointless and not even used apart from SLI/CF set ups there is no gpu out that can fully utilize PCIe 2.0 yet.

 Youed have to be crazy to buy a A10 for 1590sek (245usd) when the i5 is $20 more...

those PCIe 3.0 not give any performance benefits over PCIe 2.0? =O

PCIe 3.0 only benefits if your playing games at a higher res than 1080p. PCIe 3.0 is mostly just a selling point right now. If your going to keep this new rig for at least 5 years before you upgrade again go with intel and a Z77 or Z87 board.

FX8320 or FX8350 with Asus M5A99FX Pro R2.0.

FX8320 is basicly the same as the FX8350 only with a lower stock clock, you can easy clock this thing up to the stock 8350 wenn chancing the multiplier.  

pci-e 3.0 is just a higher number.. nobody realy cares about that, honnestly, because, there are no gpu´s who use the full bandwith of pci-e 2.0 yet. Also the 40 pci-e 2.0 lanes, are basicly the same as the 20 pci-e 3.0 lanes on hasswell. if you gonne run a CF/sli on hasswell it will run at X8 X8 and thats basicly the same as a sli/cf setup at X16 pci-e 2.0 on the AMD. pci-e 3.0 on z87 hasswell is just a bit of intel marketing Bullshit, because its lack of lanes.

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PCIe3.0 makes no odds in single card configurations, and duel 16x PCIe 2.0 will work as well or even better than PCIe3.0 but only duel 8x, as with a Intel haswell chip. In addition the FX-8350 is just simply faster than the I5 4670k, for non-gaming tasks it'll be as fast in stock form as the max sensible overclock you'll on the i5, although in games this won't amount to any noticeable FPS increase (maybe 1-2fps?) since either is plenty enough CPU to handle even a duel graphics setup, although the FX-8350 slighlty more so than the I5,. As such I'd personally go with the FX-8350 unless you want to go with a portable system, in which the Intel is the sensible option. I just flat out can't recommend an APU for gaming, even though I love the idea of of it, it just doesn't work as well, if you arn't gaming or doing heavy video editing work though, then the APU will shine.

Big time thanks to all your responses, you have given me allot to consider, i think i might be getting a FX8350. Need to think a bit more thou.

Again Thanks! :-)