AMD - 7000 / R9-200 series is re-branded once again for the R9-300 series

There are some rumors that AMD is going to rebrand the 7000 / 200 series one final time. well at least most of them.

LOLWUT? i personally feel like AMD did a HUGE U-Turn. well honestly it's not really a bad thing cause the R9-200 series are excellent cards, but COME-ON!! we don't need the 7000 series again.

To be Blunt if these rumors are true here's what we MAY see going to happen.

  • R9-390x - Fiji XT (Brand New Chip)
  • R9-390  - Fiji Pro (Brand New Chip)
  • R9-380x - 290x (Rebrand) new name will be (Grenada XT) which funny enough Grenada in Spanish means Grenade. which is what AMD just threw at us.
  • R9-380 - [290 Rebrand] new codename is Grenada Pro
  • R9-370x [285 Rebrand] New codename is either Trinidad XT or Tonga XT
  • R9-370 - [Allegedly a 285 Rebrand] good guess it's going to be a under-clocked 285.

Side-note: allegedly cards that will be re-branded once again will get their Clocks-peed bumped up EVEN HIGHER than they already are.


Thoughts? cause I'm butthurt

i think that WC tech or whatever they called, posting too much bullshit on their page realy.

We wont know untill they are released.

Agreed, but rumor or not, it may not be that far off, AMD re-brands things all the time, The FX chips, the Godaveri APU's that are now allegedly coming that are to replace Kaveri, honestly it sort of makes sense. the R9-290x is an impeccable GPU, why not milk it for another year? lol to add on, if they do bump up these re-brands they are probably going to be poor overclockers, i can't even get my 290 past 1050mhz on the core clock, well some games are stable at 1070mhz but in a few games there are some minor artifacting.

well i think they are going to re-use the tonga gpu maybe. Could be that they are going to use that for the 370X.

But i do think that the 380X and 390X will get a new gpu. i have seen the words Fiji Xt for the 380X and Bermuda XTX for the 390X, But that where very old rumors.

f they could re-brand the hawai XT and sell it as their entry level card that would be nice

this is nothing new, really, amd's dome this forever... the new shit just trickles down

yeah, its a real hot mess allegedly bermuda is going to be for the R9-395x2 but eh we've got a long way to go for that one. most of these are speculations, but AMD does pull out some monkey business sometimes. but i do agree we should wait and see when it comes to this specific rumor, but on the same note, i am a bit worried cause this does seem very likely.

yeah we will see wenn they come out. there are soo much speculations and rumors going arround.

But we wont know untill they are exaly there.

I personaly dont think that they are going to re-brand the Hawai series, because it would be a hard sell. i think that the hawai gpu´s are too expensive to manufacter, and to sell as a midrange gpu.

Nvidia 700 series anyone? I mean seriously. ALL of the 700 series was a rebranded 600 pardon the new high end stuff. just like what we're seeing here.

agreed, but Nvidia didn't milk the 600 series for two generations.

Both Nvidia and AMD do this (though AMD seems to do it more), it's a smart business practice and as long as prices and features align with the new series I have no objection. Plus AMD is litterally throwing every single penny it has at Zen so Intel doesn't drive them out of business. If this were poker AMD is going all in, criticizing rebranding while knowing the position AMD is in is nothing but fanboyism i'd rather this than a monopoly.

imply amd is rebranding something for the second time?

I don't see tahiti on that list

cause Tahiti was replaced by Tonga, even if it didn't necessarily outperform it, and I didn't really add the R9-360x on this post, which is also alleged to be a rebranded 270x/7870.but these are rumors, none of this is factual, but speculation. my comments are if this happens i would be alittle disappointed, but on a similar note, AMD is putting all willpower into the Zen Architecture on the CPU side so doing this would make alittle sense, the R9-200 series are excellent cards. but i guess it's just after reading around with the R9-390x being all groundbreaking, i expected alittle bit more from the other cards as well.

expect a price tag through the floor for everything but the 390 and 390x.

also am I the only one not too impressed with the 390x?

Knowing this chart (unconfirmed/too early to tell/not enough or vague info)

*cough grain of salt*

390x doesn't look to have any real improvements.

From the 280x you get about twice the performance 205% to be exact.

With a 200% increase in rumored core count 2048v4096 it looks to be that's where the improvement is coming from. in my mind I don't see any real improvements compute per core. and the stacked memory doesn't seem to do much either technically.


AMD would have to undercut Nvidia ENORMOUSLY hard, considering this is probably the first time Nvidia has released cards in the "Bang for the buck" price-range. im much more excited for the R9-390 more than the R9-390x.

Tonga is a new arch. It's not at all a rebrand. (not implying you said it was) It was the first GCN-1.2 card aswell.

Hawaii is GCN 1.1 (note all 7000 cards are 1.0) and the 380/380x look to be 1.1 aswell which is why they are shapping up to be a rebrand. Everything else in the rumored 300 lineup seems to be GCN1.2 and up

kinda like how before the price cut the 290 was the king compared to the 290x

the card is going to be twice as efficient than previously possible, otherwise it would be a 6-700w card and i sincerely doubt AMD is that crazy.

around 500-550TDPwatts actually. 2024core tahiti was a little over 250TDP by itself. doubling it, you get the idea.

Either way, good on them for shipping with a water cooler. and reducing overall powerdraw

If that chart is even close to accurate I'm excited. I don't think GPUs have really moved by leaps and bounds since upgrading from APG slot video cards. I think my voodoo 2 was a big improvent. By and large I think they just get a little bit better each time!