AMD 6950 failing, Need Help

Hi, ive recently took my pc and updated it with an ssd, MB Gigabyte p67A-UD3-B3, GPU XFX 6950 2gb
The thing is that ive not used this pc for a long time, over an year, and now after installing different windows OS it works fine, but after installing the card drivers, it seems to crash when loading the OS after first reboot, same happends when installing ubuntu. The GPU has a Bios restore, (something like that) feature i think but im not sure how to use it, its like a switch on it. Ive tried it on both position but the same happends.
i tried the system with an old GPU, 4850 and it boots ok. Right now i have both card connected to the MB, and device manager shows the 6950 fine.
What should i do to find out whats the card problem is, or to restore the bios?
Hope i made my problem clear, Thanks!

What is your PSU and how old is it?

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I agree this sounds like a power issue to me


The psu is a coolermaster gx650w, 3yo max..
Do you know any way to check for gddr ram failure on the 6950 while the other one is set as primary?

If the 450w model is anything to go by, then the entire first generation GX lineup is quite mediocre
Take a look at the power modulation, out of spec.

I read another article regarding the 750w version and it performed awfully bad at temps higher than 45°
Crossloading was an issue here too. Do you have a lot of harddrives and peripherals? Crossload worsens the characteristics of the 12v rail which is the one the GPU feeds from.

Clearly, your problem stems from the power supply ... its just barely average.
And an old 6950 really pushes old and dusty/hot power supplies.

I got kinda the same issue with my 6870. The card still "works" and shows display output but, as soon as I install the drivers, the system starts crashing. I think your card can be considered officially dead I think ):

Now hold your horses OP said nothing about the crash relating to stressing the card.

Google "VMTCE". It's a bit old but it still works well.

Yeah no strain during OS operation, but the power-on transient on poorly modulated power supplies can stop a system from booting, if the 3.3v standby voltage goes too far up then the powerup fails.
And during powerup, the system tries to feed everything to reference spec disks and graphics, of course it's strained.

Ok thanks, the system was running with just one ssd, today i install the card on another system and it crashes when loading the os, maybe its time for a new card anyway.. What do you think about a 1070 or a 1060 nvidia with my 2500k, im not thinking about upgrading anything else if necessary

Warning ! had similar if not identical problem with 6950 but mainly with 6990, and we looked heaven and hell, to no avail. Than My son (it was his rig), out of frustration started to FUCK around with the drivers ............and guess what : it and has ever since. (IMO)
It is as if the 5XXX, 6XXX are being runed off because of shitty drivers that do not comply with what they advertise for.

So i should try with older drivers you say?

I do think it is worth a try ! When you uninstall radeon drivers, does it work on the generic drivers from windows ?