AMD 4800h repaste issues

Hello all 0/

Got myself a Asus A15 FX506IV a few months back and went for a thermal repaste but have some questions as idle temps and fans are now up.
GPU is working great, under 80oc. VRAM and Mosfets I guess are fine as replaced the pads with 0.5mm Thermal Grizzly’s.
I used a very thin sliver for the bare CPU die. Now idle I’m hitting 55oc @ 5watts. But never thermal throttling (HWINFO) under heavy load.

Should I be using a lot of paste for the CPUs in laptops? Why are my idles so high and fans always on when doing nothing? Should a 8/16 CPU ever be quiet in such a laptop? Is 5w even a lot to cause 55oc?


You want to use enough thermal paste but not too much.

That isn’t helpful I know. It just comes from experience and eyeballing it.

From the sounds of it, you either didn’t use enough paste, or you didn’t get enough pressure holding down the heatsink. Anything like an air gap will ruin cooling performance, and that can come from voids in the paste or not enough pressure on one side, leaving the heatsink sitting at an angle. Not enough pressure can also cause voids in the paste even if there was enough, because it will stay in a lump and not spread enough.

Oh, in addition, too much paste is a problem because thermal paste is not really that good at transmitting heat. The best would be no paste at all with two perfectly machined metal surfaces in contact. But in real life “perfectly machined” never happens. So, paste. But as thin a layer as can be done.