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AMD 32 Core vs. Intel 28 Core


So I’m thinking a loan of 20k should be good for the 5GHZ 28 core/56 thread Intel offering?


Not sure. Stock non-binned 8180M is what… $13k in quantities of 1000… base clock of 2.8. What’s the typical percentage markup on binned i7s that run at 1.4x their base clock?

There’s no retail motherboard available for running it at 5ghz yet.

Not sure what the 1.6kw chiller is worth, but i’d say thats at least a grand or two. nevermind the ancillaries to hook it up.

Power supply won’t be cheap.

You might be able to build a GPU-less system for it with no RAM if you can find a board that can supply 1000w plus to the cpu socket…


They have all ready announced that they will be doing this too. Only weeks after the smear campaign on AMD for the same practice. And even they have done it in the past with the Core2Quad. Intel really shit their pants when ryzen dropped and blow all expectations out of the water.

But of course other than the eagle eyed (read: rabid AMD fanboys apparently) the tech press just glossed over these facts completely.


Intel crushes with 5.7GHZ 7980XE on STOCK COOLING!


Yeah, I’ll just do 25K to be safe, and that can also help pay for the first year of power. But good news, a 5GHZ 28 core/56 thread processor stock is going to be out soon, yippee!



That is not what i expected him to look like lol. Always just hear his voice on the GN channel


Haha. Normally… the hair.

Go watch some of his videos from a few months ago :slight_smile:

I’m guessing he’s an electrical engineering/computer systems engineering student…


Manual for the HC1000 cooler Intel used:

Also runs on R22 refrigerant gas that’s banned in the US and Europe:

So you could only do this in demo in Asia or Africa.

By running some mods on the chiller you can get to 4C and if you try alternative refrigerants and water additives you can get the water to negative temperatures. You can also run at hella high flow rates to pull away more heat.


There are 3 versions of the cooler.
Related discussion from the “GN calls BS” thread (locked):


I’m actually suspecting that Intel used something else than any 'stock' refrigerant anyway.


This doesn’t even make sense as a joke


Care to share?

Chill a 50/50 water/ethanol mix and see what happens.


Your comment on stock refrigerants and r22 being illegal are completely irrelevant to the Intel chip being a piece of shit.


Those are just the facts of what the Cooler is speced for. If intel ran it ‘as is’.

My guess is it was actually using R290 as that’s more common in Asia. Which can be done in the HC1000 even though it’s not on the manual.


Fun fact. Where I work, we still sell R22. Its not actually becoming “illegal” until 2020. Its not legal in new systems but you can still get the refrigerant.

The chiller itself could very well have been illegal if it had been imported with r22 but r22 itself is not illegal in the US yet.


Where I am in South Africa R22 total ban is only scheduled for 2040. But since 2014 can’t import any R22 systems or parts. And since 2015 legaly can’t make parts for R22 systems in south africa itself.

But can still get the gas, except nobody really wants it, so demand has gone down and prices up. Yeah don’t ask me why the fuck they now charge more for it even though there’s less demand. Reverse economics

So yeah it’s pretty much dead.


China and by extension Taiwan are not part of the Montreal protocol so new r22 equipment is not illegal. So it still doesn’t matter what refrigerant they used. They could have used r12 for all they care it’s irrelevant.


Yip. Agree with that.

I just had to bring up what R22 is since most dont have a clue regarding refrigerants.


Where I am in the midwest, theres still a decent amount of service guys coming to get R22 parts and refrigerant. The increase in cost is likely due to the cost to recycle.

I just wanted to clarify the ‘R22 is illegal stuff’… But to get back to the topic at hand, Intel chip is boo, AMD is yay or something to that effect.