AMD 15.7 Drivers

VSR for the masses, along with some other spiffyness.

I'm going to reinstall Alien: Isolation, see if I can get it to work at 4K rendering.

... Discuss!

Windows 7 link -

Windows 8.1 link -

i just downloaded it a few hours ago. all the games this driver is meant to fix i don't have sadly :/

As for VSR, All cards above the 6000 series GPUs have had it. the driver doesn't really fix much besides the past few releases of this year.

Within a month ago, I managed to snag a pair of R9 285s for remarkably cheap, so I have been experimenting with CrossfireX. I was surprised that, with one, I could play Alien: Isolation at 4K with roughly 30FPS. So I was a bit disappointed when crossfire did not properly work. That's always the gamble one takes though - even with Nvidia's aggressive driver release schedule.

was that tested with an overclock or at stock?

Stock clockrates, although they are Gigabyte's offering of the R9 285, which had a fairly aggressive base clock of 973. I played through the game at 1440p, because sometimes the framerates would dip to 12.

and at 1440p how did it do? personally i kinda felt like the 285/R9-380 should of came with a 4GiB option a long time ago.

What no link ?

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~ why do they advertise VSR as new feature? It was present for ages already.


I am only happy with FFR - though i'm used to use of rive tuner to clamp my frame rate at 144FPS

40-60 fairly consistently. I noticed dips sometimes, which might have annoyed me if it was a competitive game, but it was perfectly playable. It usually didn't dip down to 40 unless a lot of things started happening at once, like an in-game system failure with alarms and smoke, or sweet-baby-jesus-the-alien-is-after-me-and-i-am-probably-going-to-die.

I don't feel too limited by the 2gb barrier, currently. Metro 2033 Redux (and Last Light) maxes out at 1700-1800 gigabytes. (1080p, max settings sans AA - because SSAA is too damn much.) I think I remember Joker Productions saying that The Witcher 3 operates at around the same maximum at 1080p. Both are great looking games, so I know part of it is the game makers not being asshats with the VRAM. Lichdom Battlemage seemed to gobble up a lot of VRAM, and I did notice some performance hits due to the buffer refreshing during some intense scenes. Nothing quite crippling though. Having a 4gb frame buffer would be nice for a crossfire set-up, but we'll also see what DirectX12 and Vulkan allows us to do with our VRAM.

Anyway, I just got done experimenting with the Fixed Frame Rate feature. It helps reduce frame tearing, but does eliminate it to the extent that Vsync does. Then again, I only tested it in Metro 2033. I was hoping that it would be a nice side-effect.

it's been added already? i haven't even bothered to check catalyst. all i did really was enable the VSR feature. i've been using more often then ever now.

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I couldn't, for the life of me, get it to work with my R9 280X.

On Nvidia's equivalent, DSR, I could get my GTX 460 (har!) running. I think only Diablo III gave playable framerates, though. :\

Added, along with a link to Windows 7's.

Ya? Pick the most revelant :)

once you had dvi-d or dp port you could enable it.

I've seen the option on
7970 though enabling dvi-d was pain (could go up to ~1440p - 4k was possible but cost was enormous - 2x7970 at 4k was giving me aprox. of ~15-20fps on crysis3 maxed out)
290x dvi-d enabled by default, vsr was visible and fully functional up to 4k with my 1080p 144Hz 27" panel.

some friends at boinc told me they had this option on 5970 on dp.

Can you see it now over normal VGA/HDMI/DVI?

Currently running 13.12 drivers cause I have issues with many later drivers right now so giving 15.7 a shot if not ill just use restore point.

Welp it freezed at the start of the 3D Mark Firestrike back to 13.12

Really? Wonder what those drivers meant to you?

it could be your overclock.. i have the exact same 290 you have and i've never had issues with drivers.

everything is on stock. i havent even touch the clockspeed on my gpu because i dont need it.

Does Windows Event Log display any conflicts or errors?