Ambilight like product for DP monitors?

Lately I've started to have soar eyes while on the pc, so I thought I'd look around for something like Phillips Ambilight, but standalone so you can put it on your own monitor. I've found a few, but most are either way too pricy, or doesn't support Display Port.

Am I missing any obvious choices, or are there really no such thing as what I'm looking for?

this one uses usb

This one doesn't ship to my location (Denmark), and it's $100 on their own website.. I feel like that's a lot to pay for a couple of LED strips and a controller

you can maybe lower the blue light during evening hours via software

i just use a desk lamp that i turn on that's behind my monitor and lights up the wall

I'm already using this, an I've lowered the blue light on the monitor itself.. Still getting soar eyes

My desk is really small, I can barely fit 2 monitors and my keyboard on here, putting a lamp on here would make it even more cramped

if anything you can buy the RGB liight strips with adhesive backing from ebay, many come with power supply and a controller.

something light this

of course the denmark version. wont be dynamic but you can adjust it to your liking.

This could be something. I've seen a couple of DIY bias lightings too, maybe that is the way to go..