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Amazon wants your unencrypted data

Amazon discontinuing third party app access to their Amazon Drive

Apps like Synology Cloud Sync and Hyper Backup have an option to encrypt your files before you upload them to Amazon.

TL;DR: they want your data unencrypted. They even state it in their steps.


Probably because they use their own encryption?

They probably do as many other companies, but the point is that Amazon has access to your data because they also store the key on their servers. While third party apps allowed people to upload encrypted files so that Amazon cannot read them.


What good is it to be a big data company if all the data is encrypted before it gets to you?


Yet another company to decouple from. :frowning:


Pretty sure we all need to start looking at Linode if we have not done so already :wink:

They require credit card even though they support paypal payments. I am not giving them my credit card.

I understand, pretty much any web/cloud storage is going to require this however.

I’ve seen lots of the ones that do not require CC. Can happily pay with paypal.

What a coincidence, since the first thing I do after downloading kindle books is also remove the encryption.


i fell for Amazon Drive ONCE and during my contract they changed the max size amount of amazonDrive and increased the subscription fees. lol.

I dont even try to solve these issues. There is NO reason to use Amazon anymore with these tricks, RUN away and Fast !


Scary … :slight_smile:
I have never used their services. And those who use it should consider switching to something less invasive and probably cheaper.
What files the user keeps should not be of interest to anyone. I wonder if they will check the file type or just look at the extension. Because if I understand them correctly, they will not allow you to upload any files that do not match their pattern?
It’s probably better to rent two cheap dedicated servers from OVH and serve the cloud yourself with nextcloud …

Is it really about surveillance and data collection hmmm or maybe more about the possibility of controlling the stored content and the possibility of analyzing bad files. Maybe someone was doing so much evil that they finally decided to change.

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IDK? My dad moved our (encrypted) backups to another place and cleared off the files from Amazon. They can go kick rocks now.

apart from creepy spying, might they want the “ plain text” files for de-dupe or compression or something?

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they alrady can de-dupe encrypted files though. and if it was compression they were moaning about they would forbid all compressed data like jpg, mp3, mp4, zip, etc.

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They can de-dupe encrypted files?

Huh, today I learn.

Unless the encryption was server side?

Well how does de-duping need to look inside files? It just compares blocks? Plus Hyper-Backup alrady does deduplication. And Amazon even singled out Hyper-Backup for its encryption.

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I really thought it just took blocks that are the same, and replaced them with a reference.

If it is encrypted, and Still the same, how is it encrypted?

I was meaning, comparing blocks of files between customers.
Each customer should have a unique key for it to mean anything, no?

If its the same it would mean you have 2 (or more) copies of the same encrypted file.