Amazon Studios to Adapt Consider Phlebas, of the Culture Series, for Television

Amazon Studios today announced it has acquired the global television rights to the Culture’s first novel Consider Phlebas. The famed space opera by Scottish writer Iain M. Banks features Banks’ fictional interstellar utopian society, the Culture. The series will be adapted by Dennis Kelly (Utopia, Matilda) with Plan B Entertainment (World War Z, 12 Years a Slave, The Big Short, Moonlight, Feud) slated to produce and the Estate of Iain Banks attached as Executive Producer.

They’re actually bringing a space opera to the screen.

I’ve always thought the Culture series, or the Nights Dawn trilogy should be made into a movie, though they’d be 50 hours long. Seems someone else thought so to.

I wonder if they will be able to adapt it well enough or not?

Given Amazon’s tack record so far based of The Man in the High Castle, it’ll probably be a good adaption. Granted The Man in the High Castle is slightly different than the book but it maintains certain themes and characters. Wait and see.

I like space.