Amazon Pulls Access to Purchased Christmas Videos During Christmas

"Disney has decided to pull access to several purchased Christmas videos from Amazon during the holiday season, as the movie studio wants its TV-channel to have the content exclusively. Affected customers have seen their videos disappear from their online libraries, showing once again that not everything you buy is actually yours to keep."


This is just one of the most short sighted moves if you ask me. They are undermining the only reason you would even want to buy media in this form: the complete and total legitimate access you should enjoy post purchase.


The amount of places you could download any film they choose to pull to allow tv exclusives during holidays makes the whole thing a joke. Once again big companies believe that punishing those who want to own media legitimately is the way to conduct business.


What do you all think of this?

That is sorta still one of the reasons I'm reluctant on buying digital movies. Plus this is Disney so it really doesn't surprise me that companies want every last penny from consumers.

Yeah, definitely. It seems like the only digital media you should have is the backed up physical copies of stuff you own. That's the way it feels if they are willing to pull the plug on you when it suits them.


Why would you do anything else but that or just flat out illegal torrent everything.

Like I said haven't bought any movies but is there a terms of service? Time Warner is also doing the same by buying the exclusive broadcast right to two LA teams, then if someone wants to watch they either become a customer or attend home games. Back to Disney I'm sure someone can make the argument of physical vs digital what's the difference but can you go dollar for dollar in a legal battle. 

Well, although that's very bad for customer's who purchased those movies, what I'd like to see is a class-action lawsuit for people saying they want their money back from Disney AND

In other words, get them back where it hurts them the most; their wallets.

Also worth noting: now that Disney owns Star Wars, just wait until you see the face of your favorite nerds after you ask them what you think this means for Star Wars games, movies, and their availability on Netflix, Hulu, and other legitimate streaming services. =P Happy trolling...

Yup, it's the cash full that matters for them alright. I love the internet in consumer issues, making it so much easier to get word out and actually maybe hurt their profit margins to train out bad behaviour.

Corporations are more like animals than anything else. They aren't good or bad, they just require what they require and will peruse it to the utmost within the limits of the world they inhabit. In this case cash and the law, respectively.

Just another prime example of why there is piracy, they more or less just walked into these peoples homes and stole their property.

Yeah, if it were a real DVD it would be crazy. Like reading letters and emails. Ones a serious crime and the other is standard procedure it seems.

Amazon used to be the best place to buy media. Now they make enough money to not care about the customers. I stopped buying digital content when I found out that they won't allow HD movie downloads for a PC, only their approved hardware will play it. And it has nothing to do with the PC capabilities, only the money.

quite honestly, I hate and do not trust any digital content and this here is the main reason why. I was worried about something like this happening before it was even a thing to talk about.

we pay full price for most digital content as if they were giving you a physical copy that you do actually own, and then we do not even own it, we are leasing it, an excessively over priced rental that they can just take back when they feel like it.

Not to mention eventually all of these companies will decide they don't even want to host the content because its old etc etc etc and there will be no way for you to get a physical copy of many of these items... so then what is going to happen to your purchases in your library?

More then likely what will happen is if your lucky you will get an email saying, "oh hey, were glad we robbed you of your money because it really was nice for us to have, but now we don't feel like hosting your files anymore so you are just shit out of luck and that's that"

That also is just another reason why piracy will never stop, there is no way in hell I would buy a second copy of anything just because the company that hosted it for me decided to either 

A. go belly up

B. just not want to host the content anymore

C. pull content whenever they feel like it, essentially entering your home and stealing from your cupboards. 

I mean honestly, you already made the purchase, so why should you have to support cable companies and places like Disney even further to watch what you were suppose to already own via an extra satellite or cable subscription. you made your contribution to their well being and they are demanding more by stealing. 

Very unethical practice and I truly hope all of these companies are in sight for class action lawsuits from people all over the world, stuff like this needs to be put to a stop before it spreads like wildfire.