Amazon price on gpus question

so i was looking on amazon for gpus and i looked up a r9 290x and a r9 290 and the prices were 260 and 360 respectively, almost a 50 percent savings. is this because i have prime or are they on sale. this maybe a stupid question, but im new to amazon.

Amazon's "list price" is often out of date or simply not accurate. Both of those prices are very standard now for those graphics cards.

well im behind, last time i was looking up gpu prices the 290x was close to 800 dollars, damn bitcoin miners. anyway, why even have the second old price.

It looks like a better deal?

But yeah, they used to be that much, then the 290 and 290x went back to their more normal price of $4-600. Then with the launch of the GTX 970 they crashed to the sub $300 and sub $400 that you saw.

certainly does look like a better deal, i thought it was a good deal, but then a second later i thought ''nope, youre bullshitting me amazon''.

As you can see here:,146&sort=a8

power cooler looks like a really nice deal.

get a 970 if you're searching for something for that custom laptop build... the heat dissipation from it alone is worth it and it's by far the best high-end bang for buck on the market anyways...

+1. It's especially worth considering the Gigabyte ITX version of the card.