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Amazon interested in being a carrier


Lets think about this objective. The wireless carrier market is roughly 260 Billion dollars large.

They buy boost mobile and they defacto get access to all the certification processes etc of how carriers certify phones and how carriers really run their network. I dont think amazon wants to run a network. I think Amazon wants to tap into the 5G market emerging on both the consumer and professional end. I think this in particular is not a win for consumers despite having another player on the market. Amazon is currently the largest online retailer. This is just another move to control the entirety of retail from consumer to professional.




I wouldn’t be surprised if this was simply for their back end services.
Thing like truck trackers, and the mobile devices for deliveries, as well as all the robots in all the Amazon warehouses?
I presume at the moment they use wifi in buildings they control, and pay a carrier for data for their other devices, but what they loose on the cost one side, might work out cheaper on the other, so slightly ahead of the game?

That’s before they even offer it so consumers…

Old Bezos isn’t against diversifying portfolios, and their robots/drones are a bit less scary than Googles?



Oh it hundred percent is. Drone delivery… having an in house network. If they buy it… Tmobile has permitted 6 years of use of their network until amazon figures out what they are gonna do… at least so have circulated the rumors

Of course he isnt. Much like buffet… He knows there is zero net money in trully competitive markets. Theres a lot of money conglomerating non competitive industries



The “we’re also interested in any spectrum allocation” thing is the most important part of this, I think.

I don’t think they want to offer phone services to plebs. I think they want their own dedicated frequency range so that Alexa has a way to communicate when it becomes Skynet.



Pretty much… Well guys its time to start building a mesh network on non commercial frequencies