Amazon EC2 Instance launching tone of HTTPD instances

So I have been running a word press blog on an EC2 amazon free tier instance, which I know isn't to hefty of a machine but it's free and has suited my needs so far. Lately I have been running into an issue where the website has been horridly slow. I logged into the console and ran
ps -A to see what all was been ran. I have about 30 instances of httpd. So I restarted the serivice only to run into the same issue. Is each instance an connected client? How would I go about limiting the number of people who can connect at once, if I do not have apache installed?

Is your site getting more traffic? Do you have analytics on it of any sort? How many page views per hour? Has that number increased since the problem started?

It could be that your site is getting more traffic or maybe a bad plugin that is creating a bunch of requests. My guess is that you might be out growing the server.

Thanks the last solution helped on the page, I think my end solution though will be to migrate from a free ec2 micro instance, which is pretty slow.

I wouldn't stick with EC2, AWS is expensive. You have to pay for bandwidth separate and most of their instances have less storage than the vendors below.

If you just need a VPS, Digital Ocean or Linode or if you want to stick with Amazon they just launched Lightsail. A direct competitor with Digital Ocean and Linode.

This site is awesome for figuring out what EC2 will cost over time.

Let me know if you need help moving your site.

Thanks for the advice! I stuck with amazon because I was able to get a $150 dollar credit that amazon gives you for having a github student account, then I used that to set up a lightsail server.

Just finished transferring the site over it was tricky but lots of fun.