Amazon Affiliate Link. Does Level1Tech have one?

Sorry if this is the wrong channel to ask this in but I was wondering if they have one because I can't find it.

Yes, they are listed on this page:



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That one is US only. @wendell are there any plans for setting up affiliate links for other nationalities as well? I'd like to order a new 3TB hard drive soon.
(I'm from Germany btw)



I'd like to support through amazon when I can, so My question is why does the link take you to a login page? Is that a new feature or something? I get freaked out when links lead to login pages and let's be honest, Amazon is horrible at security.

You get sent to login because you are changing something about your account.

How is using a referral link considered making a change in my account? In the past you just had to click the referral link and place you items in the cart. The referral url was carried over.