AMAGAD where is AMDS frame pacing driver

Yes, the microstuttering solving driver, WHERE IS IT? I had a go at the beta driver and it is REALLY working. crysis went from 40 to 20 ms, battlefield 3 went from 10 to 5 ms, and even skyrim went from 30 to 15 ms (give or take)

_The driver is working_ IMHO , the fact that you are sensitive for microstuttering is a completely other topic.

its 31 july so .... where is it ... ? :-(

on a sidenote, the betadriver went bonkers when there was a hardware-rendered cursor in the game, for example I couldn't play supreme commander anymore. Thats why I want the final version pronto :-(

I cant believe I'm the only one waiting for this :|

Trust me your not.

In chivalry its killing me. Constant lines going down the screen aswell as the microstutter. And my little brother playing it smoothly on his 660.

it was announced for july 31, and all we have now is radio silence :<

Mmmm its quite frustrating how companies can't keep their word. Should be out in the coming month hopefully.

apperantly some guy just asked them.

if you dont care about facebook here's the inside scoop:

AMD Gaming We decided to make some last minute tweaks to the driver, look for it later this week. ^HJL


dunno how long it has been around. this is the first oppertunity that I had to check for it.

There's even with a software toggle for it!

Thanks for the link . i had 13.6 beta 2 installed

The new drivers seem to work.  Skyrim is a lot better

Just remmber this driver dosent fix CF with eyefinity or DX9 games (yet) DX10-11+ are suported at the moment 

Skyrim is DX9 and it seems a lot better than before?

Then its in your mind DX9 is not currently supported in this driver for frame timeing

the drivers seem to be total crap on my 2 7970s, frametiming is the same and i got low fps. also my gpu1 utilisation is very low. Who here has 2 7970s ?


I will reinstall with driver cleaner

I just read your post cooperman, it doesnt work with eyefinity. Thanks for the info!

Yes only single monitor it fixes at the moment

frametiming /dx9/crossfire improvements aside

I think there has been some improvement to dx9 performance overall

I just run the resident evil benchmark (dx9) and my scores are over a thousand points higher than 13.4 drivers, it works out  roughly 8% better.

Radeon Pro.  That's all.  When I was using ATi (That's right I said ATi) Radeon Pro was always 5 steps ahead of catalyst control center.

Check it out.

radeon pro rules

But II have to say these beta drivers seem awesome so far.

One more month and I will invest in another one of these to go in my machine :D