Am5 platform with 256gb ddr5 ram

Can some more inform people tell, can we have 256GB ram on the current AM5 platform, ther sould be 64gb DDR5 ram modules already, but still nothing on the market as I see, maybe we can use ECC RAM on some motherboard? Any help


64GB Modules are RDIMMs which aren’t compatible with consumer platforms.

We just have to wait for normal 64GB modules to be available. I’d really like having 2x64GB and having 128GB without going 2DPC and thus corresponding bad clock speeds.

This was the whole sales pitch for DDR5, right? Higher capacity modules…oh look how great DDR5 is :slight_smile:

On the other side…DDR5 didn’t ship in large volumes yet. Some DIY systems for Alder Lake, no broad adoption from OEM/SIs and no server platform to use them. Once the latter ones will use DDR5, we’ll see good prices and proper modules.

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yes I don’t see anything as a plus of ddr5 only more money grab, on many mobo when you use 4 dims they clock down to 3200-3600mhz. as I know. I would gladly buy new ryzen 7950x even with mobo for 260x350 $, but if I could use my 128gb DDR that I have purchased last year + only would buy ddr5 for having 256gb. that I need. I have tredripper but it’s 1 gen, and paying 1300$ for TR pro mobo makes no point when they change platforms and sockets of TR each 2 years.

You want that much RAM? Bet on server hardware. Haven’t checked DDR4 ECC prices, but 16GB DDR3 ECC sticks can be had for $10 on ebay. A typical dual socket server board would get you 256 GB.


With a 7950x I have 4x32GB at 4200 1.25v and I have booted into windows with 4600 1.35v so I don’t think it’s actually that bad