AM5 for Home Server - What Motherboard Say You?

Agree :slight_smile:

But Asrock at least cares about it which they should receive some kudos for.

they already do. LOL they command a premium for the board at $529.99



ive been digging thru the list of MBs on newegg so far and gigabyte seems to be the only one that is testing 4x32GB and have two PNs on their QVL

I can only think of the or its 2L2T variant. IPMI, DDR5 ECC support, NIC supported in VMware 7.x/8.x, 16x and 4x slots at PCIe 5.0 with lanes from the CPU can allow a good amount of flexibility with configuration.

The thing is if you want at least six sata ports on board.
Then the options are kinda limited.
There are a few B650 boards that offer six sata ports.
However those actually lack all the other requirements kinda.

Maybe the Asrock rack stuff might be interesting.
I have not really looked into that yet.

I think the new non x cpus are just abojt perfect for a kickass home server

Ivr got ecc ddr5

Its hard picking the perfect not too expansive am5 home server board!!

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So would that hold up on a Phoenix APU? My primary goal is to start with a APU as a daily system to build it up into a server with a RX 6800 as passthrough.

Yeah well this is the problem really.
If you really need at least 6 sata ports and also want,
two full size pcie slots with at least pcie gen5 for one of the two.
Then the term “not too expensive” kinda goes out of the window on am5.
there are not that many options left especially with ecc support.
Any main stream board that is over like $350,- is kinda expensive in my book.

Maybe there are some other options in the OEM market for am5.
However that is something i have not really looked into yet.

Intel in that regards kinda has nicer board options.
However the 13900F or 13700F are probably kinda less interesting for a home server,
compared to AMD’s non X counterparts at least for the 7900.

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One board that would be interest and seem to have a decent tradeoff would be “Gigabyte B650 AORUS PRO AX”. Retails for about 270 USD and about (280 EUR) in EU, it’s not the cheapest board out there but it’s not excessively expensive and seem to be a good tradeoff between price and features.

  • 8-layer PCB instead of the more common 6-layer ones in this price range
  • VRM design is actually quite beefy, 90A instead of more common 60-70A on boards in this price range
  • Decent amount of USB 3 10Gbps Ports (3)
  • 3 M.2 slots and reasonable PCIe slot layout/sharing
  • Intel NIC

The only cons I’ve found but it’s not all the important for a server is that it only has one video output HDMI but I can live with the tradeoff.

Gigabyte also added ECC support recently ( B650 AORUS PRO AX (rev. 1.x) Support | Motherboard - GIGABYTE Global ) which the main reason I’ve been looking at this board but have yet point someone to verify working support or any of Gigabyte motherboards where they added this feature especially in the “lower class segments”.

The closest option as far as I can tell would be “ASUS TUF GAMING B650-PLUS WIFI” (Asus lists ECC memory support on their website but there’s no further information what that actually means) which is slightly cheaper (240 USD, ~240 EUR in EU) but it’s also more built to a price. 6-layer PCB, 60A VRMs, Realtek NIC, fewer high-speed USB ports.

Looking at X670 without price increasing substationally which is kinda defeats the purpose of this thread to begin with. The main alternative (to the other Gigabyte board mentioned) would be the Gigabyte X670 Aorus Elite AX but it trades a few things (only listing the noticable differences).

  • Realtek NIC instead of Intel
  • 70A VRMs instead of 90A
  • 4x M.2 slots instead of 3x
  • 16x (2x Electrical PCIe slot) instead of 1x PCIe
    …but I dont think its worth the increased price given the tradeoffs

I also think the Aorus Pro AX would also do nice as a workstation board for those wanting a ECC based workstation given its feature set.

Going to try getting 4400 with my 4x32 kit on the Asrock Riptide MB when it gets here…

if it cant do 4400 , then I’ll use the MSI MB i have.

What about:
ASUS rog-strix-b650e-e-gaming-wifi-model

It has 4 nvme slots.
I am thinking this with a Ryzen Phoenix processor (if compatible, for simple AGP)