AM4 Motherboards for IOMMU virtualization

Hey community,

I want to build a Ryzen 7 system with Linux as a host and a virtualized Windows with GPU-passtrhough as a guest system. A friend of mine tested this with an ASUS X370-Pro Motherboard and said that it worked without any problems (kernel patches, etc.).

But I want to ask you about your experience with AM4 Motherboards and IOMMU. Did you encounter any problems? What is the “best” Motherboard for such a task? Or are there many Boards with different tradeoffs?

Btw.: Is there a way to passthrough the primary GPU (1st slot) without any kernel-tweaks? (even if I don’t need to, it’s just nice to know)

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

As I gathered from the reviews (obviously I don’t own all the boards :slight_smile: ) pretty much any board with AGESA 1006 BIOS works fine since that is the deciding factor. Some have additional USB controller chips (I think it was the Taichi) that is in another separate group, but overall they are pretty much the same across the board.

Now that the Ryzen NPT bug is beeing resolved and black friday coming! :smiley: Which x370 board, IOMMU-grouping wise should i look out for? Ive seen wendels reviews but non so far seem to fit this purpose fairly well

No reason to dredge up an old post for this. Next time please make a new thread.

So far, I’m not aware of any that are amazing iommu-wise. I’d just keep watching the Linux category on the forum. Wendell was working with some manufacturers to see if they could get groupings different, but I haven’t heard much on that front for X370 in a while. I think the focus has switched to X399.

I see, thx!

Ive read so more tho, what about the ACS-patch. Can any x370 board go using that or should i still look for a decent IOMMU-grouping one?

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