AM3+ Steamroller?

i don't think too many people spend more on a board than on the cpu that goes in it, i can tell you asus doesn't put near as much effort into their lower end boards

but that's not amds fault that people put their chipsets on crap boards

but it doesnt have pcie 3.0

NOT a fan boy, in a nut shell pcie-3 is one as I am running crossfire, but there is also the newest ASUS AI suite stuff like better fan expert, 4 way optimization, better SATA controller , better on board sound, the new DIGI+ power controller... and stuff like that. Trust me if any thing I am an AMD fan, my plan this time last year was to buy the FX6300 and upgrade to a Steamroller 8 core around now. Thus the post. If I am going to spend 500-600 dollars on a CPU and MOBO (and new OS because its OEM) I would like something thats not 2 years old ie AM3+ Sabertooth r2 and a 8350, that does not offer me the jump in performance I am looking for. So look at my profile you can see what I have, an upgrade is needed, what would YOU do. I do value any imput from any of my TEK buddys. 

pcie 3.0 makes no difference in crossfire unless you're on 2011, you have 2.0 16/16 on 990fx and 3.0 8/8 on z87, same speeds

I was not spouting hate more like disappointment.

Take your Crosshair V at um around 240$ and a 8350 at 210$ plus the new Windows 100$ thats about 550$+ tax. OR

 A Z87 Hero lets say at 220$ and a 4770k at  320$ and the os 100$ 640$ so lets say 100$ more. I think the extra 100$ gets me more bang for the buck. No?

If the Sabertooth or the oh so sweet Crosshair go on sale for 50$ off and the 8350 dips bellow 200$ I may jump on that, but unless I can get the spread between them around 150$ I think the Intel is more appealing.

Ah man I dont know, what I can say is since I added the second 7950 my CPU and MOBO are holding me back. Even on a PCIE-2 x16 and x4, ya x4, my CPU runs 90 to 100% on Crysis 3 I need MORE CORES.  I have become totally addicted to this PC building thing and want to upgrade so what would you recommend?

As for anyone who is going to say "go online and you can find that stuff cheaper than that" well I live in Vancouver so I can go to a NCIX store and get my stuff, which is so nice when stuff will not work. The next day I am at the store getting an exchange no mailman or couriers to wait on, its worth paying a little more for that kind of convenience trust me I have had to return a few things and NCIX has served me well.   

Do dat thn

Ya I get that, but look at my gear on my profile and tell me what would you do? I value you opinion your post are quite helpful and knowledgeable.

my recommendation would be to get a 990fx motherboard and perhaps a better cpu cooler, all a 8350 will get you is more cores, which depending on what you do (i'll just assume pure gaming, so i can keep going) may not even be beneficial, and the better cpu cooler will get you that better single core that gaming likes

that should give a decent improvement at the least cost, as depending on your uses that cpu is just as capable as anything else, just my 2... i don't have a cents key on my keyboard

well its a bit depending on which games you mainaly play, the i7-4770K  is a littlebit faster then the FX8350 but the diffrences are most of the times not realy big. However intel seems do a better job in CF at 1080P in some games, i dont remember exactly which game this was.

But in the main Both choices are realy good to go. AMD is the better bang for buck. Diffrences between Z87 and AM3+ wenn it comes to feutures are not realy interessting. Pci-e 3.0 isn´t a thing. rest of the feutures are mostly identical. sata 6gb/s controllers usb 3.0 standards all there on both platforms. only cool feuture that intel offers is SSD caching.

what i would do in this case, just look what you can spend realy, because you allready own your gpu´s so there is not realy an offer to make on that. if you  willing to pay more for intel, why not?

I had a Crosshair V Formula Z running a 8350 and it was awesome. No problems gamming 1080p and at one stage i had 3 other O/S virtualized all running at the same time all really stable. Linux ran crazy fast on it. I originally bought this combo because it was (still is) great value to those people who want to do a bit more with their chips and boards and still be able to game at ultra settings

I replaced it with a 9590 couple of weeks ago and its amazing

its 4 cores, they're needing the 2 module section for the do you think AMD can pull the performance they do with iGPU.

Athlon 1 and 2, Phenom 1 and 2, FX Bulldozer and Piledriver, they just stop at the second generation for some reason. Maybe a new series of chips is incoming?

The Crosshair V is a good board but for what you pay it's not worth it.  IDK why the hell many of u guys say that the low end amd boards suck...I'm using a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 Rev1.1 which costed me $100 last year on black friday.  The board is ~8% behind in performance compared to the Crosshair V, the only major difference is the overclocking capabilities, that board can overclock like no other on AMD chips, everything else, it's all flash over actual integral performance boost.  I wouldn't get a Crosshair for $220 when you can get a Sabertooth R2 Gen3 w/ PCI-E 3.0 for about $160-180. On top of that there are the ASrock Extreme boards which are great value for high performance price range which will be VERY close to the Crosshair for around $140-$160.  Some of u guys need to go do some homework.

Also, Haswell was pretty much a failure in the sense of performance increase to power consumption compared to the last 2 generations.  People with Sandy Bridge keep up with Haswell pretty well with a slight overclock, totally pointless.  The 8350 can do more than gaming, i'm making video games with it and i outperform many CPU's, it's all based on the set up. AMD's love to be overclocked and that's when you get the best performance output for the power.  I've got my CPU currently OC @ 4.7 w/ 1.44V and it's damn good.  ALso using 2 Crossfire 6970 TFIII cards. The irony is that PCI-E 3.0 is total bullshit for the time being.  You can run a 7990 on a PCI-E 2.0 x16 and still have some headroom in the bandwidth.

The other thing is that Until Sata 3.2 and DDR4 comes out, PCI-E 2.0 will be fine.  The next iteration in motherboards is unifying PCI bus into RAM and drives.  That's when the bandwidth of PCI-e 3.0 will be required.  I wouldn't even upgrade the CPU until next gen motherboards, nothing rly excelling except for video cards at the moment, i'd focus that over the CPU, 6300 @ a good OC can handle the bandwidth, just make sure to raise the NB around 2600 and CPU/NB to 2400 and you should be fine...quite simple and will affect the video cards reaction time quite well.

even if they do come out with something in 2015 im still jumping ship to intel, i dont like where they are going with there cpu's in the long run. it's just not sustainable in my eyes. that and the tdp on amd is just waaaaaayyy to high, and i live in the uk and energy ain't cheap here. i want a cpu i can hold onto for about 3-5 years and not cost me alot in electricity.

Also if intels track record is anything to go by broadwell will be out in Q2 just like ivy and haswell and sandy. they are bringing there tdp down even lower with broadwell, witch makes it that much more of a good idea to go intel this time round.

my phenom has served me well but it's not cut out for 1080p gaming with a higher end graphics card. so yeah im not waiting another whole year or so.