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Post your AM3+ overclocks, build specifications, and pictures.

Have fun!

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  1. I know! I just ripped 2 aio cooled 280's out of it. :) About to add a second 290x and a larger psu.
  2. Azza Genesis 9000 case
  3. Asus Sabertooth Gen3 R2
  4. 8 gigs of Gskills Ripjaws 2133 Cas 10
  5. Noctua D-14
  6. Amd 8350 cpu
  7. 120gig Sandisk extreme
  8. WD 1t blue
  9. some optical drive
  10. Wifi Tp Link 4800
  11. Asus Xonar Dx 7.1
  12. 4 cougar black stock
  13. 4 Corsair red led
  14. 1 bitfen 220 red led
  15. 1 Aero cool fan controller
  16. 1 Nzxt Mesh fan controller
  17. 2 pwm Cougar mostly black
  18. OCZ 750w Fatality ( think its bronze but not sure )
  19. Sapphire 290x Tri-x New version with two 8 pins and DX12 support
  20. OS Windows 8.1
  21. Everything is at stock since stuff is changing.

AWWW YEAH new favorite topic! But seriously though

Sorry for the low quality, it was under my desk and I didn't feel like moving everything to get a great shot. I need to dust too.

Some info about my rig.
Daily OC: 4.6ghz 264 x 17.5
CPU Voltage - 1.337
CPU/NB - 1.28
FSB - 2560
HT - 2560
Max temp (stressing under IBT Max) 55c

Highest OC - 5.28ghz. I don't have proper verification for this one, but I do have the readout from heaven!

Unique to my system:
-I got rid of my noctua fans for ultra kaze fans. Huge difference in sound, but holy shit do these fans cool when they need to. Not a problem with a reasonable fan curve.
-The Sapphire 290 in the build has been painted white to match the overall black/white/red theme, I also put better thermal paste and thermal pads on, VRMs dont go past 80s and max temp at 1150/1580 is 78c, so I'm happy
-The three tiny fans make about 1-2c difference, but no noise. I've been considering moving 1 up to blow across the VRM heatsink and one to blow across the socket of the motherboard to help with overclocking performance.
-I'm using a lapped 8350 and heatsink, honestly it took hours and only helped lower my temps about 5c, for me it was worth it but consider I spent about 8 hours total.

-Add third fan to cryorig heatsink, try out the liquid metal thermal paste I have sitting around (worried about the impact with my lap job though)
-Upgrade to a 4k monitor // gpu set up. I'm not going to have the budget for this for about a month, so I'll get to see if fury x pans out. If not, I'll probably go with a 980 ti. Eventually I want to crossfire / sli those so that 4k is a no problem issue.
-Add a dual 360 rad custom loop. Not really a priority, but the reason I went with the PSU and case was so that I wouldnt have to switch for years to come, and the custom loop would just finish that plan out.

I think its cool we have a owners thread now, it seems like no one has amd chips anymore, they're all i5 and i7 builds.


It was feeling kind of lonely in here. :)

Cpu: AMD FX6350 @ 4.6 ghz
Cooler: Phanteks PH-TC14PE (two fans)
Motherboard: MSI 970 Gaming
RAM: 16GB Adata XPG v1.0 DDR3-1600
GPU: NVIDIA GTX 750 "Superclocked Edition"
Storage: Intel 730 Series 240GB SSD and a WD Black Edition 500GB HDD
Case: Fractal Design define R5 w/ Window (Black)
PSU: Raidmax (I know) 835w Thunder v2 Semi-Modular
Soundcard: Creative SoundBlaster Zx
Plans: A new PSU (hopefully an EVGA), upgrading the CPU to an FX 8350, and an upgrade to the GPU to a MSI GTX 970 or something in the AMD realm.


Sweet case.

I got you!

First thing I would upgrade would be that gpu. Then go for one of the 8 core processors. the 8370 OC's a bit better than the 8350, and you could always go with a 9590 if you wanted especially with that cooler. Looks like a clean build though and everything else seems really well rounded!

Man I love the cube case kind of style. Hows that 7950 holding up? I always liked that style of cooler from MSI, I wish they would bring that cooler shroud styling back.

On another note, for those of us that are running overclocks, I think it would be kinda neat for us to post some detailed notes on the voltages, temps, and tweaks we've used. I know that stuff is all in the "show your overclock" thread but this way we could point people OC'ing for the first time to an area where they could get help for their specific type of chip. Plus it might help some of us push our speeds a bit more.

I have had the 7950 some time now and its been running fine with a huge overclock on it it get's a bit loud with the latest AAA games like the whicher and gta now tho time to upgrade it soon
It still runs faster than a stock HD7970 xD

Those cards have always been beasts. I almost went with that exact card when I did my original build, I was thiiis close but ended up with a 7870ghz instead. Had an unexpected cost come up with school.

Yep the 7950 was a beast in its time still holds up well for a 3 year old card this one has the 7970 pcb on it and its huge lol.

Used to be, my Formula IV and 8350 lasted me for a while (previously a 1090t).

But I eventually abandoned ship.

Also, why is this pinned?

I know a lot of people doesn't like my case, but I like it. I'm getting ready to completely disassemble everything.
I'm going to move the HDD cage 1" to the left side to create a pathway for cable routing. Cutting a hole in the backplate so I can get to the CPU screws without having to pull the motherboard. Going to paint the case high gloss white. With a little black & red inside.
Case - LIAN LI Memorial 20th Anniversary PC-777A
Motherboard - ASRock 990FX Extreme9
CPU - AMD FX-8350 Vishera @ 4.7 GHz
CPU Cooler - Noctua NH-D14
Memory - G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series PC3-19200 8GB x2 16GB
Power Supply - Corsair TX 750 Watt
Video Card - XFX AMD R9 270X 2GB GDDR5
Video Card - XFX AMD R9 270X 2GB GDDR5
SSD - OCZ Vertex 2 180GB
HDD x2 - WD 3TB Green


I like it, good design considering the cool air sucks in from the bottom and the hot air blows straight out the top/front

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Sweet case! It looks like a Nautilus, you should paint it to look more like one.

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How boring the world would be if we were all the same. The case reminds me of the ocean and some of the shells you find along the coast. Very different but also very cool. Well done.

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Update: I decided to get back into overclocking the crap out of my FX6350... Got some good results. I am running stable at 4.9GHZ @ 1.5V and 52*C under a stress test.

FSB: 200Mhz
CPU Ratio: x24.5
Core Voltage: 1.52V
HT Link Speed: 2383Mhz

Do you guys think there is a way to get a better clock or am I golden?