AM3+ or Intel

Ok well hi, first time posting. I built my first computer about 4 or 5 years ago and tried to upgrade last year. I picked up a fx 6100 and some kinda asus mobo. Long story short i fried the mobo and my 9800 GTX+. So I bought a new mobo and a iceq 7870 and I thought i would have a good rig, until i realized the fx 6100 is a absolute piece of shit. So im just wondering should I buy a new mobo and a I5 2500k, or pick up a new am3+ proccesor.

Depends on what you want to spend. For the price of the 2500k i'd bump up to the newer cpus. If you factor in the gift card its actually cheaper. 

Yeah but will a newer am3+ proccesor bottleneck my gpu

In fact dual core processors are doing fine with games to day, but still the problems you should consider is the motherboard it self. Because of old slots and architecture that is on you mother board. For example PCI express x16 isn't that fast that we can see in newer boards like PCI expres 2.0 the diference is abouth 1/3 of overall performance that your are losing from newer graphic cards. I mean those GPU's who supports PCI express 2.0 or higher connections.

The next thing is ar architecture of the mother boards it self has been changed since your computer have been bought I suppose. AM3's or Intel new motherboards are more efficient of data transferring through devices, than it was before. So it's quite a big deal to consider.

But over all I'm still able to play newest games with my AMD athlon 6400+ GeForce9800GTX+ with medium settings on one 22inc screen with decent 30 or more fps.