am3+ mobo

i'm looking for a AM3+ that's a good price point and good for some milled OCING.

parts list:

cpu: amd x8 FX-8350

heat sink: cooler master hyper 212 evo

PSU: not sure yet

RAM: kingston hyperx blu red 8GBS (2x4gb) DDR3 1600 MH

case: CM storm enfocer

ssd: samsung 840 evo 128GBs

hhd: WD black 1TB.

also could use some input on what psu to got.

thank you.

I'd get a Asus 990fx pro or Asus 990x evo. The only difference between them is the pro can sli, and the evo cannot. Although both can do crossfire.

I am currently using the Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5, and it has served me very well. I would absolutely recommend it for the FX-8350 and anything else you expect to throw on it.

In regards to OCing, the UEFI on this board is rock solid and will get you some good numbers.

Good luck!

a list of decent overclocking mobo´s.

  1. Asus crosshair V Formula Z.  8+2 powerphase digi vrm
  2. Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0. 8+2 powerphase digi vrm
  3. Asrock 990FX Extreme 9. 12+2 powerphase digi vrm
  4. Asrock 990FX Fatal1ty professional. 12+2 powerphase digi vrm
  5. Asrock 990FX Fatal1ty killer. 8+2 powerphase digi vrm
  6. Asus M5A99FX Pro R2.0. 6+2 powerphase digi vrm.

Here is a list of boards that i would personaly recommend. Depending on how extreme you wanne go into overclocking, if you wanne go into the extreme then look at the numbers 1 till 4.

Grtz Angel ☺

I'm using a Gigabyte 990XA-UD3 ( UD4 ) and got 4.5ghz on my 8320 without a sweat perfectly stable using a hyper 212,however,the cooler doesn't seem to handle the OC as well as I hoped,I will be switching to a noctua as soon as I can so keep that in mind in case you want to go crazy with the OC.The motherboard does not throttle the cpu like the old versions used to do and the bios is damn ok. It's a loaded motherboard and has a 8+2 power phase,plus it's ~100 Eur,you can't go wrong. a m5a99fx is also a great choice

Go for the Sabertooth. I own a GB 990FXA UD3 rev 3 and I DO NOT recommend it. Its trash. It throttles the CPU all the time and stuff like that, I've heard they fixed the problems with rev 4 but I am not trusting GB anymore. I think the UD5 which is better is on the same price as the Sabertooth (or the difference is not that big) so the Sabertooth is no brainer.

What Cloud said, the Gigabyte 990XA-UD3 version 4.0. Better than the ASUS 99FX EVO, VRM-wise, SAME price.

i´m stil not conviced about the quality of the vrm´s and mosfets, chokes they used on thease boards. They did a vrm upgrade on theire R4.0 board.. but still. the big question did they solve the problems? or did they only upgraded the heatsink design.. anyway, i personaly still dont trust those boards unfortunatly.

Im my opinnion Asus 990FX AM3+ boards are still the better boards, the Sabertooth in particular

Also the higherend Asrock boards are fine.

I'm the living proof right here that the board has no issues,I know what you're saying and I agree,previous revs did have severe issue,however,rev 4 doesn't,everything works perfectly,there is no CPU throttling,no overheating,nothing. I'm Running it for months now and there's nothing wrong with it. I wouldn't recommend it if it wasn't good.

you can have good luck or bad luck that counts for every brand.

i posted a list above of mobo´s that i feel convident to recommend, to everybody. Gigabyte am3+ just cost me to much headaches