AM3+ Micro ATX Mobo with at least 1 SATA 3 port

Having trouble finding a decent, affordable AM3+ Micro ATX Mobo with at least 1 SATA 3 port, budget £60. Would appreciate a bit of help.


There are no good micro mobos for AM3+ (in fact there are none there are old AM3 mobos that have had softwhere updates to take AM3+)

What cpu do you have and can your case take a ATX mobo?

Only thing for that price that i know is the ASrock 970 Extreme 3 R2.0 on sale for 63$ with 10 dollars off coupon till oct 31st. Retail 74 with 20$ off i been stalking that board for weeks now but waiting on Asus to drop the price on the board that cost 97$.

I forgot to mention the site its on newegg 970 Extreme3 R2.0 if you don't plan on overclocking but its ATX size. Some micro atx cases are compatible with ATX form factor unless you measure with a tape to be on the safe side. Think its 12x9 

Cheers guys, I think it'll be wiser to go with a full sized ATX motherboard on this one.