Am3+ mATX mobo

I've noticed there aren't a lot of mATX am3+ motherboards, and none of them appear to be very high end. 

Still, I'm looking for recommendations for an am3+ mATX that I would be able to overclock the Fx-6300 on for a new build.

Thanks in advance

Don't bother.  Micro ATX AM3+ boards were for the older CPUs before the FX-series, and aren't able to handle overclocking that well.  I'd only run a stock FX-6300 or weaker CPU in one.

I can't find the article but amd is suppose to be doing a am3+ refresh with cpu's that use less power with similar performance (better per core power but lower clock speed i think) currently however matx boards for am3+ aren't suited for overclocking  Nor would i recommend putting a 8000 or 9000 series in them

Looks like I'm going ATX. Thanks peeps

i would advice to go ATX aswell, all those m-atx boards are kinda rubbish, basicly they can handle a FX6300 on stock, but overclocking nop.