AM3 in AM2+ socket

I'm gonna buy a build soon and I was noticing that in the motherboard descriptions it usually says "1066 MHz DDR2 for AM2+ CPUs."

Let's say I put a Phenom II 955 BE in this motherboard:

Would I be able to use 1066MHz DDR2?

Yes it will be fine that way around. had that board myself and used 1066Mhz memory.

You can't put an am2+ cpu in an am3 board though.


Secondly: I'm pretty sure it will. I think the limitation is only towards am2 socket cpu's


am2+ boards do NOT support all am3 only the x4 920 and the x4 940!!!!! PLEASE don't get a 955 with an am2 board, as it will literally not work. It has to do with the higher end phenom II design, not the wattage. The phenom II 920 and 940 are still technically am2+ but work in am3 boards, and am2+ boards.