AM2+ Processor upgrade?

Hi guys. 

VERY new here.

I've only ever changed computers, never upgraded parts of a system for my personal use, I have however built PC's in the past so I know "what i'm doing" when it comes to actually assembling.... however my question is this....

In the future I plan on a total system upgrade (infact, a brand new build) However funds don't allow me to do so at the moment.

I'm currently running a pretty much stock (except for a PSU and Harddrive upgrade / addition) a stock Acer Aspire M3201 with an AMD  Phenom x4 9150e @1.8 ghz. And it's really hindering my ability to video edit at the moment. 

Until i can upgrade i need to change my CPU.

I've been looking at a dual core amd processor that will fit (AM2+ socket) at 2.1ghz or there has been one at 2.5 ghz but i know for a fact that quad core really does help (using Adobe programs) Will it actually help me? to upgrade to that processor? with it only being a dual core? 

Are there any quad cores clocked at similar speeds? (2.1ghz + ) that will fit the AM2+ socket?

This will only be temporary - ish until i can afford a full PC build, but please bear in mind that it isn't an option for me to do that at present.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

-GrandFat Man 

well sorry to tell you this but you cant realy find a AM2+ cpu online store i woud just suggest upgration your mobo and cpu and get something that would fit your bugets but before so cheeck to see if your ram is 240 pin as many mobo surport 240 pin ram and lather you can just upgrade the reste of your machine ram,GPU case whatever you like to change 

Stores, no, ebay, yes :P 

I was thinking short term and cheap. eventually i plan to upgrade to an AM3+ mobo with the FX series processor (cheap and will work perfectly for my needs)