AM1 gaming!

am1 is an amazing platform. It is uber cheap and puts out quite decent performance. You can even play titanfall with no dedicated gpu. If my brother finally decides to build his dvr-htpc I am definitely using it instead of an a4! What do you guys think?


he is getting 19-26 fps without fraps he likely could get 25-35

These along with the VIA QuadCore boards are fantastic. Its a shame the crew hasnt gotten their hands on any.

I wana know how good the cpu part is pared with say an r7 265, a gtx 760, etc, till you find the bottleneck. I dont care about the IGP. Right now the AMD Althon 760K is the best your going to get as a budget. Its an A10-6800K with the IGP disabled. You can get those guys for around $80 maybe less in USD

Check this out the bench the highest end kabini with a 750ti against a 4770k and it was around 10 frames less on ultra settings in bioshock infinate which isn't bad at all. Here-

I dont know if im looking at this the wrong way but to me sub 30fps for a FPS is nowhere near "decent" performance. Isent there much better options for gaming without a dedicated GPU? such as the higher end APU's. I have a A10-5700 and was able to get nearly 60 FPS when playing battlefield 3 on 720p @ low, im sure titanfall would run better on my 5700 compared to that video

I think the performance he is getting is impressive, but in my experience fraps only impacts performance when it is capturing video. Since he wasn't recording I wouldn't expect his frame rates to get any higher unless better drivers come out.

Do you think you could make a video of this APU running BF3 multiplayer 720p at low settings?

Thats pretty darn good for a very cheap quad core platform

Yes, but I think these are suppose to be in a category of 'much, much cheaper'.

Yea that is pretty good considering the lower clock of the CPU, however I would like to see more testing with a discrete gpu. It would be awesome is the the team could get one and do some of their own testing.

Just know that the kabini architecture only has enough pcie lanes for a x4 connection, so can only go so far with discrete graphics

an a10-5700 is $140 while the athlon 5350 is $65. althon 5350 + $75 used gpu like a 6850 (considering used 6870s go for $80 will play bf3 high 1080p. 

 here is a video to prove it.





True, but a 750ti or even a r7-265 shouldn't be bottlenecked too much by this cpu.  If you tried to run anything more than that you are just dumb.  The platform is meant for basic computing not gaming I know, but it does show some potential.  It should be interesting what improvements the puma cores bring.

Seeing this it's only gets me mad not to see a am3+ steamroller 8core would had ben soo awsome!...

If only they released an 8 core version, similar to the one in the xbone and ps4.  They could boost the clock speed from the consoles a bit, and that would make one heck of a price to performance processor.  Maybe they will surprise us if the sales for the chips are good and they release one.  However that will probably not happen...


Can you test League of Legends please.... im looking at building a rig for my friend and thets like all he plays so it would be cool to have a baseline 

Also what voltage is your ram.... i was looking into building a system with some CAS 7 ram @1.65V