Am I the only one who thinks the Corsair C70 is an ugly ass case?

Seriously, am I?

The green one looks like an ammo case, I kind of like it, but I hate the window.

Naw, I'm not a huge fan of it either, fairly bland looking to me. 

I'm also not a fan of cases that try to guise themselfs as minimalistic end tables like the Fractal Define R4. 

It's fine, if it doesn't have the army green paint finish, a side window and those BDSM-style latches on the left side panel.


That is the case you buy if you really want to mod it, plenty of unscarred room to play, the locks and hinges are simple and easy to understand, the insides provide plenty of room.. the price is right in the zone, whats wrong with it?

As he stated above, he thinks it looks ugly. As in visually unappealing. 

Only Corsair case I like is the 600T White with window. But it's made of steel. No love for Corsair cases.

SilverStone and Lian-Li master race.

I'm actually going to replace the window with mesh, I too despise windows, but you can't get a decent case with a shit ton of fan mounts without one apparently.  And I am aware of Lian Li options, but all their higher end cases are in the $250+ zone.  Sometimes they are on sale, but generally they go for a silent, gorgeous case, minimal fans, my PC-7B only has mounts for a rear 120, a top 92mm, front 120, and a side 120.  The C70 has a total of 7 120mm mounts, which is nuts, and I am aware there are two or three cases that Corsair has that are based on the same exact idea, I just like the styling of the C70, a whole lot, it's not glossy, it's not chunky, it's just simple, in a sense.  Plus, was thinking with the ammo can idea, do so air brushing or what have you on the left panel. 

Silverstone cases, don't like the direction they went, they used to be an all aluminum company, what the hell happened?

I agree with you there. The only Corsair case I really, really like is the white 600T. I'm going to be a big fan of this rumored 900D if it comes out though. That case looks like a beast.

It's not my cup of Tea but I wouldn't call it ugly maybe a little plain.  Although I probably have no right judging as I am far more interested in asymmetric looking cases like the NZXT Phantom, guess that's why I got the the Level 10 GT Snow . I know I'll get flak for it but I could care less, because I like the features it offers and everytime I look at it with the Blue LEDs on, it reminds me of either R2 or a Clone Trooper.

Well the Level 10 GT's a nice case. I'd never personally get one, but it's definitely a lot cooler looking than the C70. I prefer cases like the NZXT Phantom, Silverstone TJ11, Cooler Master Storm Stryker, and Cosmos II though.

I was actually debating between the C70, an NZXT switch, or a CM Storm Trooper.  Was not fond at all of the price of the TJ11 or the CII, both which Lian Li far excells in features/price.

I like the look of those cases more than the C70, but some like a streamline minimalistic look to a case and there's nothing wrong with that either. 

You know whats a nice case. The antec P208

I love minimalistic cases, the problem is, can't find a manufacturer that makes a case that doesn't look too plasticy or shiny, and a shit of fan fan mounts.  I was looking at the Lian Li PC90 or the PCz70b, both excellent cases, but a lack of fan mounts, and quite pricey.  The other cases as well was the Lian Li server case that puts the PSU on the front bottom, again pricey.  The C70 offered something different, military green, and an asston of fan mounts.

I like it but maybe it´s because of my strange taste. ^^

I like my c70 black. Only thing I did to it was take the window out to a local Acrylic shop and had them cut a new one to the same specs but without the slits and fan mounts :) Cable management is excellent on the thing