Am i the only one that likes Ryans humour?

Great video from Ryan today.

im not sure if I am the only one but I really like Ryans comedic style when he makes a point.
I also love his fun skits and scenarios, easter eggs in the code and such like.
Very funny yet informative!

Also shocked(but not actual) that these ‘security’ systems are so insecure. theyre worse that the wireless stuff they put into cars now.

Anyway great video. More videos with Ryan let loose on his own please.



His ability to explain technical details of
the constant human failures delivered with a dry apathetic tone fills me with disgust and joy.


I can’t stand the prick.


I know right… :smile:

For-whatever reason i feel like if they left you on your own you’d end up in the wilderness making videos like this


Ryan is my spirit animal.


More Ryan!


I bounced off L1 News at first, primarily because it made me sad but also because Ryan kinda rubbed me the wrong way. Now I’m a regular watcher and his humor is a big part of why I tune in to laugh as the filter approaches.

Also I was pleased to see that he’s a member of the large display club. I’d be curious to know what he’s running for the primary display and how it’s working out.

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The dynamics between Wendell, Kristuh and Ryan on L1 news is sort of unique. Ryan in particular reminds me of comedy from 10 years ago.
I remember in one video, someone accused him of being “low key racist”. Someone else responded, “no, it is not low key racist, but high key mocking”.

I need a poster of Ryan with that face (you know which one), and a “If only you knew how bad things really are” caption.


Krista’s joke about her dancing last week and her goofy tweets make me smile, Ryans security video, the occasional drunk news marathons when Wendel’s away, Wendel casually making videos about the freakishly high end dual 64-core CPU servers that no normal person would buy.
Makes level1 very special in a great way.


I am on the fence ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Personally I find Ryan to be the worst out of the three. Ryan constantly a pessimist. Makes it feel as if I’m at a AA meeting where people spout how their life sucks.
Bland and empty

Good video for info but bad delivery and annoying comedy

I enjoy his humor. He makes me laugh on most of the videos. They are the perfect trio to talk about the news and play games. They work off of each other.




If I could to pay him enough to do a daily, hour-long tech video, I would. And watch every minute, every day. His view of humanity brightens my day. I am a die-hard fanboy

Then you should subscribe to me if I were to do daily videos as well. But hour long videos about bullshit everyday are a lot to ask for. But you could easily talk about bullshit for an hour.

Hes my kind of guy.



The Terror At 433 MHz: DIY Home Security video was particularly entertaining :smile:

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Ryans meh tone of voice reminding us how far off we are from were should be is pretty accurate description of a lot of adults. I can relate to the level of cynicism


Nah, Ryan is the funniest guy on the news.

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