Am i safe in the great white north(canadia)

SO i'm hearing about all of these six stikes rules and it scares me D:. But what i'm asking is if this sorta stuff goes through in the us will i be affected also. Might be a dumb question but i just wanna know :) 

I aswell live in the united states of canada and I think that it WILL come over to us because we sometimes just shadow the united states of down there land

And in that point its is not good for anyone and I think it calls for rebellion

be weary of bell and telus, dslreports hasn't been posting good news about them as of late.

shaw on the west coast is decent (their student plans are win)

Bell is HORRIBLE!!!

Despite whatever junk they're doing as far as privacy goes, they are just a horrible company to deal with in general.

Horrible customer service, horrible quality of product delivered (internet and phone service), just bad in every way.

  With Vic Towes wanting to be able to spy without a warrant and his master Harpo still at the helm I am worried for Canada. We have been tied at the waist to the USA for many years and what ever they do we tend to follow along because big business tells us to. Most times following the USA has not been a problem however this internet control is going far beyond our boarder and I see the powers that be no wanting to relinquish any of that power to the little people who use the internet.  

What is the six strikes?

I just found this so if you are torrenting you would be relatively safe because the relative gain from a lawsuit by a corporation would be less than the legal fees

Not safe from the porn industries, Look at the latest Tek, And even here in New Zealand, We have a 3 Strike plan. Were after 3 strikes, your internet is cut perminantly and I believe a $30,000 fine? Anyway, No were is safe in reality unless you want to live in a 3rd world country like Russia.

I smell a Teksyndicate darknet coming on... oh... uh... I mean... what darknet? *cough*

My mother got Bell Fibe... The data cap was insane. She tried to get a higher cap but they wouldn't do it. The technician had to be called 3 times to fix some issue up on the telephone pole and she never got the speed she was paying for. Two weeks in she canceled. She tried TekSavvy but they didn't service the area. The only option that remained with speeds > 6mbp/s was Electronic Box. Everything was going according to plan until the technician says "Sorry, you can longer get DSL at your house because Bell cut the lines for the fibre optic. We're strongly considering suing them." She had to go with their cable service instead, which has been consistently faster than what she has been paying for so that's a win. The day she got the cable set up (or around that day), two dudes for Bell came to the door offering a higher data cap at a cheaper price...  She was so pissed off and almost slammed the door on them. She would have if the whole situation wasn't slightly comical.

Bell bad? You guys must not be getting service from the Aliant subsidiary of Bell on the east coast. I get my Internet service from Aliant, who is now owned by Bell (but was able to retain quite a bit of freedom from Bell), and my experience is completely different. I have their lowest FibreOP plan (20 Mb/s down, 15 Mb/s up) and absolutely no data caps or throttling. It's so good that I can just download/delete/redownload Steam games on the fly without having to worry about caps and I always stream everything in 1080p, download Linux ISOs via a torrent, seed them endlessly, do 720p Skype calls... You get the picture lol. There was even one month I went over 2 TB of bandwidth and they didn't even send any sort of notice or phone call about it.