Am I really missing anything by going with the fx 6300 instead of fx 8320? And decent motherboard to pair with them?

Been a lurker here for awhile on and off and finally joined, I have spare parts laying around for a secondary build and have the itch to build a gaming pc again. All I need to buy is the CPU, Motherboard, and Power Supply. For power supply I'm most likely getting the EVGA 600w 80+ Bronze PSU for only 60 bucks on amazon. I suppose if a 500w went on sale I could go with that.


The fx 6300 for only $110 seems like a really good deal. I wish I had of caught the fx 8320 on sale for $130 on amazon before. I guess part of me would have OCD about "only" getting the 6 core fx 6300 instead of the 8 core 8320 but it's also a good 50 dollars cheaper right now...


And I guess it's not like I could never upgrade in the future to the 8 core. I just generally have spotify,skype, firefox/chrome open with alot of tabs open, and a game running. I don't want the cpu to get too bogged down.


And a second question, in this build video Tek did for back in Dec, that I really liked, this mobo, Gigabyte 760g chipset is listed to go with the fx 6300.

is that cheap Gigabyte 760g board good or should I save up for the Asus r2.0 970 motherboard? Would the cheap Gigabyte board throttle the fx 6300? What about the fx 8320 if I got it?



By going with the fx 6300 and Gigabyte board mentioned, I can save 100 bucks pretty much, maybe even more by going with a 500w psu on sale.


I wouldn't be doing any extreme overclocking or probably any at all, I'd just let the fx6300 do it's default turbo boost to 4.1ghz or the 8320 turbo boost to 4ghz, I've heard the 8 cores are really power hungry and get hot though, and need a really good motherboard. I've seen how decently AMD cpu can game from my bro's pc, and I want to finally build one for myself. I just like tinkering with pcs and have the itch, as any other pc enthusiast probably knows what I mean >:3


Thx for any help, this really seems like a cool place, I've been subscribed on youtube for a long time, the kill your console vids are really what made me switch to pc gaming a year and a half ago and all the cheap games have more than paid for the pc.

If you can afford it, get the 8320, but it's not like the 6300 is slow either...

You just have to decide whether it's worth your money.

However, I would really not recommend that Gigabyte board. 760 is a rather old chipset and that board is likely to overheat, even if only with a 6300. For a 6300 I would recommend a quality 970 board (like ASUS) at minimum, and for an 8320 I would recommend a high quality 990 board. You cannot cheap-out on the motherboard, especially with AMD.


The FX-6300 is a great part and from a price to performance angle the best CPU you can buy for gaming right now. The 8320/8350 is nice and yes they are faster but really unless you are doing more than game or running at 1440p or higher in se CPU intensive games it won't make much of a difference. 

For the FX-6300 I'd grab the Asus M5A97 R 2.0. 

For the 8320/50 I'd grab the Asus M5A99FX PRO/EVO 

For the 6300 or 8320, I'd recommend this motherboard: 

It has the proper power phase design to handle the 8-core CPU and overclock it a long with plenty of other features. You'll be hard-pressed to find another board that can offer this at this price point.

The ability to run higher resolutions is dependent on the GPU, not CPU.

CPU intensive games tend to involve more physics and locational calculations, or they are just simply less optimized.

If cost is your issue, FX6300 with an Asus M5A97 R2.0 is a great deal. If you're in the states and near a Micro-Center that pair is currently on for $149.98 (it was more when I bought it.. *grumble*) I used mine for over a year with a descent 4.2GHz OC (CM Hyper212 Evo as my Cooler) It now runs as my file server for the house and no complaints. 
I don't think I could bring myself to use the GA-78LMT-USB3 even when Micro-Center had them free with an FX series. But I'm a bit picky about some boards. 


That GIGABYTE GA-970A-UD3P seems good, from the newegg and amazon reviews though alot of people say it freezes/lags on startup though, what could possibly make that occur? Something about a "double boot"


It seems nice, vrm heatsinks and 8+2 powerphase. Even though I have the really bad itch to built a pc now I may wait a month, then I'd have the money for the 8320 and good motherboard.


Even though the Asus r2.0 970 mobo "only" has a 6+2 power phase I might go with that, it's widely recommended and doesn't have the freezing/lag that the Gigabyte board has. Shame really because that Gigabyte seems amazing for the price of it. People say they press the power button and the computer turns off, then turns back on, and some say it even goes through that cycle a couple times before FINALLY booting to desktop >_> I've never heard of any other mobo doing that.


Waiting a month would prob give me the money to pair it with an SSD, I've become a bit spoiled by stuff loading instantly on my main i5 rig with samsung 840 250gb ssd.


Edit: Wow right now the fx 4350 is only 85 dollars on newegg, 4.2ghz quad core. I NEVER hear anybody talking about the fx quad cores....they're overlooked by people largely just going with the 6 and 8 core. It's clocked really high though, very interesting prospect. It's got to be at least as good as the old Phenom 965 and plenty of people are getting by fine on that still years later >_>

That gigabyte motherboard is great, my brother uses it with his 8320, no idea how it overclocks though.


The 4350 is about the same as the 965 but because the athlon 750k and 760k are usually so much cheaper than the 4350's usual price people recommend them for an amd quad.

The 965 is bit more powerful than the fx-4350, that cpu is aweful. The 965 overclock to 4.1 scored 4.82 on cinebench far higher than the fx-4350. I reccomend the 965 for budget cpu for 70$!

The 965 is SO OLD! lol. 

I remember considering it for my build back when I was scoping out parts over a year ago and thinking it was too old even then. 

Show how good of the CPU it is/was when it still competes and performs relatively well so many years later. :)