Am I missing something

So my friend has found this for $350 AUD

The motherboard should support upto 32gb of ram, has a PCIe 2.0 16x slot and generally is fine.
Pop in a new GPU and some better ram and it should game right?
I just have this nagging feeling I can't shake that something about it is wrong.

It should game okay yeah. Not wonderfully but certainly well enough to get by. It is going to be a bit CPU bound depending on the game but it is not nearly as big an issue as it sounds.

I would not go spending anything more than Used 970 money on the GPU upgrades, but that is me.

Edit: wait this us prebuilt. It will likely need a better PSU to support a better GPU.

Edit 2: mistook i5 for i3 same as above but better out look for the CPU capability in game.

Its not terrible, but yeah that gt710 will have to go. Idk about AUD prices, but I'm pretty sure if he spend 1000 its more than a year old.

Specs on it say it does up to 16:

(this the 705 model, but I imagine they use the same mobo)
Yeah, it will game. But do you know if the drive is tested/good? WD blues aren't the greatest. My point is, you're basically getting a case, mobo, and HD that could be bad, at least if you're talking about replacing the GPU. New power supply is probably needed.

I couldn't find specs for it anywhere else but here
Thanks for finding the official acer specs
Also I'll be there to test it before any cash is exchanged

i would replace the motherboard too, too much of a mystery to me

That'd throw us majorly over budget

ok if you think so, i challenge you to build a similiar pc on

ok nm i guess it's cheaper.

Identical computer is like $850

most expensive thing is the cpu that's around $170 USD

What's your point?
It's still $850 for an identical build

The GPU is lackluster. Mobo is as bare as my butt. PSU is probably weak sauce. CPU is okay. HDD is...well... an HDD... Nuff said.

It's gonna need too much work. Pretty much buying a whole computer just for the CPU and RAM.

He wants to play arma 3
That's it
Considering the price of these components in Australia this is one hell of a bargin
The CPU alone is $250
a basic case is $50
You can see how this is already cheaper then just buying something similar in Australia.

Okay. So you're buying it for the case, CPU and RAM.

You already stated how much the CPU and case costs. Now how much is 8GB of DDR3 memory.

If it's under $400 total for those three parts, just get new parts and build it from the ground up...

But the price is Australian Drachmas, maybe anon or @Destroyed007 know more about pricing in the region.

and it's also australia where all tech is over priced so i guess it's a good deal.

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Basic case: $50
CPU: $250
Basic Mobo: ~$70
8gb of DDR3 Ram: ~$50
1TB HDD: ~$50

I'm in it for the CPU, Mobo, case, ram and HDD.
It's better then anything I could've gotten him for the same price.
Prices in Australia are fucked sadly.

So 350 vs 470? Is $120 that big of a deal? I mean. It's for better parts. To me, that's worth the extra cost... Those OEM cases are trash.

$120 is a lot
The case doesn't matter, neither really does the motherboard
He want's to be able to play games with us and his other friends. That's it.
He can't afford anything else for a while other then $300 for a GPU and $50 for a new PSU
He'll replace parts of it slowly when he gets the cash but right now it just needs to be able to play games.

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Okay. That's fair.

It sucks
Cause he recently just decided to actually get a PC
He said
"Fuck, they're bringing out a NEW ps4? Already? I only just bought the fucking thing. That's absurd, I bought a console so I wouldn't have to care. Fuck it, I'm getting a PC"