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Am I missing something with Windows Server and IE?



I keep hearing about how windows is bashing everyone using internet explorer but their own servers require it.
Remote desktop services for example, requires internet explorer to connect direct to a PC instead of the published resources. I know with server 2016 they added an html 5 webclient for chrome, firefox, and edge but it seems like most of their core systems still rely/only function on IE.
Am I missing something here?


No, you are not. There are certain things that Edge does not work with but IE does. They are in a tail spin as they figure out the whole Windows as a Service thing.

Your best bet is to use Powershell when you can. Some RDS items have been made available to Powershell.


I’ve never heard this? what do you mean?

IE is in server because Edge hasn’t been around that long, it’ll be a while before its completely replaced if ever.

Its basically not needed on desktop though.