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Am i missing anything from this Storage Server build?

Hey all so ive got a few projects coming up this year and looking having to store around 20TiB and looking at the best and fastest way i could access the Data Im looking at going for all NVME/SSD if possible as i feel that the prices of SSDS these days are just cheap to a point where i could afford it.

Im not too familiar with the whole ZFS/Storage Server stuff so looking into my options with proxmox and whatnot but if you have any good guides and tips would be greatly appreciated

Plans are following:
Xeon 4310 12c 24t
8x16GB Kingston Memory thats on QVL
Gigabyte MU72-SU0
Corsair H1000x PSU
Define 7 XL case

3x Asus Hyper M.2 to PCIe AIC
6 x Team Group MP34 4Tb ( For storage of the files with ZFS maybe?)
1x 980 Pro 512gb for my OS (most likley Fedora/Redhat)

With just 6x 4TB drives, you can only have one vdev with only 1 drive redundancy. That’s actually the bare minimum and not really recommended. True, NVMe drives don’t have the failure rate of spinning rust, but at least on mechanical drives you can attempt a data rescue by replacing hardware parts. Good luck on getting any data back on an NVMe drive. Or SSD in general, really. :hole: :wave:

Now, unless you’re collecting and processing data at really great speeds, all-NVMe has little advantages over a cheaper solution (standard HDD with NVMe cache drive in front) and as Linus showed when he build his all-NVMe Whonnock 3 server a few years ago, there’s potential for some big trouble ahead. You should really give this a good thinking over and re-evaluate your requirements. 'Cause right now, I have the strong impression you want the NVMe solution, just because you can afford it. Which, IMO, is a valid reason, but a lousy use-case :wink:

1Gb onboard LAN is going to bottleneck your NVMe drives

Ah, I was thinking of adding 25gb NIC as i see a few on ebay for fairly cheap these days and already have a switch with SFP so i think I should be good on that end, 100Gb is also an option but maybe overkill if its just me reading and writing to my server

Hmm thanks! I may take a look at the video mentioned and see if I need to re-evaluate the plan then with NVMe

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The only thing I see missing is that it’s suppose to be shipped to my house!

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