Am i getting the correct amount or fps in minecraft

hey i have a amd fx 6300 and when got firt built my pc i got 90fps to 250fps but it nover drop below 70fps and i benchmark to see if i was getting a good framerate because my pc cant run the shader mod so i decited to benchmark it so whit the shader mod i get 15fps to 30fps but other people get 60fps on their phenom ii x4 965 whit the shader mod also in vanila my minecraft fps sometime drop to 30fps for no reason any help

so i would like to be able to run minecraft whit the shader mod at 40+fps so anyhelp

I may have alot to do with your GPU aswell. Minecraft is a resource hog, Cpu, gpu and Ram. It doesnt seem like much of a game but it takes Alot to run especially with the Shaders mod.

I run my minecraft with the Shaders mod, an HD 256x256 texture pack and Matmosphere (sound mod) and my system can run it fine, sometimes I get Framerates of about 30 but normally around about 50fps even with Far view settings on and all effects active..

i dont think my gpu or ram would the probleme my gpu is a amd 7850 whish is a decent gpu and my GPU is oc to 1050MHz and i have 8GB of corsair vengence of ram clock at 1600MHz  and my cpu amd fx 6300 is oc to 4.1 so what could cause low fps

Yeah , I have the shaders MOD and everything maxed out in Optifine (Normal View)  and I get 40FPS on an i7-2600 and GTX 660 . Without it With Optifine Maxed (Normal View) on a default Tex pack I get 200-400FPS (Avg is about 340). Just for your Ref. You might want to Enable Advanced OpenGL to fast. This wil render only Visible geometry. As long as its supported by your GPU and doesnt cause any weird Graphical Glitches =D


Also want to add to make sure your JAVA is up to date. Im using the 32bit version and I believe Java 7 Update 17 is the most recent

To boost fps install optifine (Doubling the FPS is common)