Am i doing something wrong?

trying to install Fedora 26 workstation, downloaded the live cd creator thingy and put it on a usb stick.
basically trying to follow the guide on pci passthrue. anyway…

ok specs:
R5 1600x @ 4.025ghz
16gb ram @ 2966mhz
GPU1: RX 580 (fedora main card)
GPU2: RX Vega 64 (planning to passthrue this card for a windows vm)
I have checked the iommu groupings and they look fine. so should work once i get around this problem.

i also tried to remove the vega card only running the 580 but exact same problem. i do have a few nvidia old ones laying around but havent tried those.

when i try to boot off the stick it keeps looping and ends and then its stuck. cant recall the exact thing but its something todo with user gdm or something. anyway after lots of googling i tried running it in secure mode or something and basically makes the resolution 800x600 or similar. that works but after install i get some kinda amd error and it still is in secure mode like 800x600 mode. unable to change res while in fedora. tried looking for amd graphics drivers but as far as i know its already included in fedora ? there should be no need to install anything.

not sure if this is info enough to get a solution so if i need to get proper message on the loop i was talking about i could do that.

and i should also mention that im a complete noob at linux i know very little but i did run antergos for a few months and that worked fine. however with an old nvidia card. it even ran games fine.

i really really really want linux as main os but im just noob enough to not figure out how to do things really xD and googling for 2 days didnt really help either. i really want to lock windows os down i only need it for games really.