Am I buying a dumb server

1 x HP ProLiant DL380 Gen9 2U 24x 2.5" (SFF), 2x 2.5" (SFF) Chassis - Dysfunctional iLO
2 x Intel Xeon E5-2680 V3 - 12-Core 24-Threads 2.50GHz (3.30GHz Boost, 30MB Cache, 120W TDP)
2 x HP ProLiant High Performance Heatsink
24 x 8GB - DDR4 2133MHz (PC4-17000, 2Rx4)
1 x P440ar 2GB FBWC (SAS/SATA) RAID Kit - 0/1/5/6/10/50/60/HBA-Mode
26 x 1.2TB - SAS-2 (10,000 RPM, 6Gb/s) HDD - Major Brand
26 x HP ProLiant 2.5" (SFF) Hot-Swap Caddy
2 x 1Gbps (Single Port) RJ-45 NIC - TP-Link TG-3468
2 x HP Hot-Swap ‘Platinum’ PSU 1400W (220-240V Only)
2 x UK Plug to C13 (Kettle Lead) Power Cable

Total Price: £1,395.60 from bargain hardware UK site

This would be my first ever rack server, Intended use case is Jellyfin + dedicated game servers + very light container usage + very light web hosting. It will be living in a closet under the stairs in a domestic setting so no ILO isnt an issue.

I have done the math to make sure we have plenty of RAM overhead for zfs, and I have some Linux admin experience, and I live in the UK so the voltage requirement on the PSU’s is not an issue.

Looking to ask for advice on any potential issues, as well as Power and Cost efficiency concerns and that the hardware choices are sensible and compatible both on hardware and software side

I am willing to throw an A330 at it for transcoding and other such shenanigans

Have you factored in power cost? Over there in the UK that will be very expensive. I think you could spend 1400 pounds better

Personally that is too old for me, and I have literally almost free power, I just ditched my E5 V4 system full of 32GB DIMM’s

Those 1.2TB disks are pretty worthless too. Just sucking down power and making heat for such poor performance and low storage capacity

I would suggest a LFF system (12 x 3.5" Disks vs 24 x 2.5") so you can add bulk storage in the future

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I would perhaps buy that if I was in the market for a good NAS base.

32 TB of storage isn’t that much, these days - you can get a 16 TB for $230, even accounting RAID6 that is a maximum of $920 for four drives, and you will most probably run ZFS with a 1TB SSD cache drive regardless.

192 GB of RAM, why when 64 GB is more than plenty for 99.99% of all server workloads? You need more for heavy virtualisation.

Xeon E5 2680 V3 compared to a Ryzen 5900X, you get a CPU that is 3x as powerful with half the idle consumption if not more.

Quite honestly, rackmounted home servers are sooooo overrated these days. They draw a ton of power, are noisy, and generate a ton of heat.

Here is an equivalent AMD build that beats the above system for Power and performance in pretty much all aspects:

PCPartPicker Part List

Remove the four harddrives and you have more or less what that server has, only twice as powerful and at half the power consumption.


i totally agree here, alternative go the AMD Epyc route. PCIE lanes for Days, you can put ANYTHING in there.

Youst check that you buy an 3rd Gen or upwards even those ES ones are more than capable of doing compute/gamingVM/and shared resources.

i do that Jellyfin + dedicated game servers + very light container usage + very light web hosting with an i9 12900 96GB DDR4 the IGPU is transcoding my Plex, when i switch to proxmox in the future i can even sriov the igpu for a FEW random VMs AND Plex.

This rtx 3060 is my DIY cloudgaming/emulator/VM

From the way your post sounds, it sounds like you’ve already made the purchase?

As an owner of such a machine I can say that while there is limitations to its abilities it is still a very capable machine. With the correct configuration such as a single CPU, single PSU, minimal fan config, and fewer high capacity dimms it isn’t unreasonable in power draw and can easily achieve sub 100W territory with minimal loads without breaking a sweat.

If you’re wanting to have a GPU, I have run a quadro P2000 in mine for Plex transcoding and for running games via Steam remote play the nice thing is you don’t have to supply GPU external power to it and it only takes up one slot. There are probably newer and better GPUs in the same form factor out there by now though.

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