Am i bottlenecking anything +feedback


i am getting a pc with these parts and i want to know if i unknowingly bottle necked anything


i7 3820

asus sabertooth 

evga 670 


corsair 850ax

western digital 1tb caviar black 

16 gb corsair vengence ram 1600mhz 

nzxt switch 810


Your hard drive is going to be your bottleneck. I would suggest getting an SSD in addition to all of this. You might want to think about getting a 7970 and overclocking it too because it performs better than a 670 and will perform better than a 680 when overclocked. Plus it's around the same price as a 670.

Well i figured for gameing useing an ssd will not really have a large performance boost over a hdd and i am mosty going to be playing planetside 2 and i have been told the game heavily favors nvidia cards. That being said is the 7970 really that much better than a 670 to the point were it will still perform better. (trying to not be bias)

Yeah, if the benchmarks say that it's an Nvidia favored game then that makes sense. It's true that SSDs aren't going to improve gaming performance aside from load times, but it is something that will speed up your system as a whole. It's just nice to have, but it's not necssarily necessary.

If you don't mind waiting a little longer for things to load, then it looks like a great build.