Am I being too picky for my monitor buying?

I've been trying to find a ~24in 1080p IPS monitor with a vesa mount (I plan to later turn this into a vertical monitor after it stops being my main monitor) for ~$100

Right now I have 2 monitors with one of them being a vertical so this will be my third.

I keep seeing stuff that is almost good .. and then doesn't have a VESA mount .. or something :(

cheapest one i can find. it's 10$ over budget but has all the features you want including 75x75mm vesa


To be honest I'm perfectly fine going to ~$150 if it added something of value like free sync (I use AMD gpus)

But I'll look to see how that monitor is.

LG 24MP68VQ-P if you can find this... It's freesync ips 75hz...

Don't use 1080p for a portrait monitor, you're going to want 1200p minimum

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My current vertical monitor is 900x1440 .. I can't imagine using a 1080p monitor like that would be worse..

Also I'm not going to be using it as a vertical for awhile anyways.

Also I don't want to get over a 1080p because 1080p video media doesn't display very nicely when being upscaled.

While that does look nice.. I'm not sure how helpful it is when it doesn't seem to be possible to find it :(

You'd get black bars with a 16:10 display

Also there's a listing for this HP display at $80, dunno if it's IPS, but the monitor stand is already adjustable

black bars are gross imho

It's a bit too expensive...
Fun fact is cheaper in Europe...

But 16:10 1200p at $80 is unbeatable, not like you'd really notice the bars anyways man

That is like someone trying to sell me a CRT and then saying I won't notice the 3 inch bezels lol

I guess I'll just wait a bit longer for a sale.. I know that I have seen great ones in the past..

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Ya but who cares about bezels when CRT is still our best display technology next to OLED

Are there even any OLEDs on the market yet for less then the price of a cheap car?

bezelpornographers care about bezels

Yes, but they aren't PC monitor sized yet

there's an Alienware 13" laptop that has an OLED option

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Lol only one result on google

I have 3 of these monitors. They are fantastic for the money.

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Just wait for oled displays to come out in 4k.