Am I being ripped off by ISPs?

I will have to admit the answer to this topic will be Absolutely, but this is something I am not sure about because i lack the technical knowledge.
We have about 25 PCs connected on our office network and hired a "business internet plan" of 100mb down/ 6mb up. most of the time the network speeds of the clients PCs are less than .5mb up with several websites timing out like gmail and outlook.
Our ISP says "what happens is that the business internet plan is for a few pcs, what you need is a 7mb symmetrical corporate internet for double the cost of the 100mb plan to fix the issue.
I said: This does not makes any sense to me.
They say: we will install a fiber optic cable to your office for the 7mb changing the sistem from your actual HPC to fiber will fix your issue with so many clients.

What do you guys think?

  • since when do you need fiber to get 7Mbps?
  • "symmetrical" or "full duplex" means that your connection can receive and send at the same time. This is important when you have many computers all trying to get through the same bottle neck.
  • 7Mbps for a business?!?!?! What country are you in & what isp?

I am from Panama.
100mb/6mb asymetrical is 180 USD (isp name is cableonda)
7mb symmetirical is 400 USD(quoted by another ISP waiting for the quote of my ISP)
20mb symmetrical is 800 USD (quoted by another ISP)

Since you're a business they know they can probably get you to pay more than a residential customer. They charge you more just because they can. Unfortunately, 20mb symmetrical might be the only way to go, unless you can find some way to get 100/20 or something.

Last time I checked symmetrical means the upload and download speeds are the same and is not the same as full duplex where you can send and receive at the same time.

@David6894 What are you using for your firewall? Is it being maxed out on resources?

Thanks, good to know, the firewall right now is just the embedded in the LRT224 router.

You need to provide a TON of information to us in order to answer this:

  1. Modem brand, is it configurable, if so, what can you configure
  2. Router brand and model
  3. Switch brands and model
  4. WAP brands and model
  5. Any network VLANS
  6. Any other configs you can provide that don't have pass/ips

Sounds like you need to identify what traffic looks like and who is saturating it

Lol, America. For a business here in louisville it costs something like $1000 for duplex 6Mbps up and down.

It's a fucking scam.