Am I being forced?

Not sure if this is the right section since this directed towards ISP's. Anyway after listening to the tek videos and doing research personally about if we are getting what we pay for and wondering how much of the data they are actually monitoring, I fully agree for a long time now that I'm getting ripped off. But what I'm wondering if I'm being forced to pick between like three corrupted companies (verizon, charter, comcast)  for internet service, and can I do something to shy away from the larger companies and also get around the same speeds if not better from another carrier, or am I stuck with only whats available in my area?


Also what would be the best way to encrypt my connection to where im going with it, VPS, proxy, on the cheap side??


Charter isn't so bad. They have 30 megs cable line coming into your house for a good deal. They do not throttle down, I've never seen it below 20 megs even when I download over 50 gigs of data in a day! The netflix speeds are the same I was getting before the throttling by the evil isp's started. I fixed every single problem I have with them (internet outages) by changing my dns to open dns in my router. You see all charters internet outages are actually their shitty dns servers going down. Their own stupid technicians don't seem know that. A simple tweak does wonders.

if you still want encryption 1 year of private internet access vpn is only $40. what do you have to loose for $3.33 a month? Don't go with proxies that log your traffic and are slow. infact they are not very secure at all.

Well basicly you are stuck with whats availeble in your area.

You could offcourse go with a VPN, But this most of the time slowes down your connection aswell. Atleast that my experiance with it.

About traffic logging, well you can get worried about that, but basicly every internet service is doing this.

Someone should Kickstart or Indiegogo a decent ISP company.  Please, please, please...  Until then, you're likely stuck.

So there's no other way for me to get internet access unless i go through a an ISP? I just read the local news here where i live and comcast will soon be buying out all the cable and ISP companies in my state, should i be even more worried with this and what should i do??