Am i an idiot for buying this case

Ok i bought this case purely aesthetics, i am sure some of you are cringing at that thought,
I will add i did like the specs of the case however this was my first build.
So the case i bought is a thermaltake chaser a31 
Here is a video reference:

What are your thoughts did i get lucky and get a good case?
I am aware a good case depends on what you want depending on if you want silence or great cooling.
So let me know am i an idiot, should i upgrade immediately.
Let me know

And in advance thanks for your input 

I dont see any problem with that case

That's a great case! Better then my case actually. Great cable management options and could for sli and maybe 3 way sli. In my opinion the only con for me is that I don't like the way it looks, I don't like the blue color. If you don't like this case still, the case I have been wanting is the Fractal Design Define r4. This case is made for silence. It's amazing and has some of the best cable management options out there. 


I see nothing wrong with it. When it comes to cases it's pretty much 100% personal choice. If you like the case then be happy with it. In my opinion iff the case meets your needs in terms of aesthetics, cooling, space, sound, ect then it's a good case. 

Thanks everyone, I've had good experiences so far.I actually preferred it more in standard black but they only had blue in stock. Thanks for all the replies.

Dude, I actually really like that case! Nice job!