Am I able to play these games with these specs?

Hi I've recently been trying to build a Mid-grade computer that is able to Run Arma 2 and 3 at around 40 Constant frams per second. I've based my Specs of some videos Logan has done and some research myself. I am pleased with the amount of money I will have to spend because I wasn't planning to exceed 700 dollars. 


Processor: Amd Fx 4300

Motherboard: Msi 970 A-G56 ATX

Cpu Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212

Ram: Gskill RipJaws 8GB, 240 Pin

Storage: Seagate St31000 1 Terabyte.

Gpu: Geforce Gtx 550Ti

Computer Case: Nzxt Tempest 210

Power Supply: Diablotek Pda Series 80 plus Bronze

Optical Drive: Lite - On DvD Burner Bulk 24x

Final Price - $609.00

So, once again..I am looking to Play games like Arma 2 and 3, Possibly Saints Row 3, Chivalry, Planetside 2... In medium/high settings in around a constant 40 frams per second...So, tell me what you guys think... and If possible recommend some parts in this price range..I'm looking to drop how much I spend to around 525-550 Dollars...So thanks for reading and thanks again if you take your time to respond.

Overclockable and with a better GPU...

EDIT: Aussie you need more of a PSU in that... Will run too hot and too close to the edge.

You realise he said his budget is between 530 - 550 now... you went $100 over

This will out perform all the previous builds.

Thanks for this build, it looks like it has only upgrades...and I save around $30.00! One last question..I'm ocd about this stuff're 100% sure that the motherboard is compatable with the cpu, also is the cpu cooler that you chose ( and I think I chose aswell) able to keep my cpu cool if I overclock it to 4.0 Ghz? I'm almost certain the case comes with two fans...not sure what yeah...