Alternative to Nvidia Grid for VSphere


I help administer a VSphere cluster for a school district. We have mostly Dell R740 nodes with plenty of RAM and CPU but never had a need for any 3D acceleration until recently. Some folks in our data warehouse are running scripts on their VMs that open a dozen instances of Chrome and of course that grinds their workflow to a halt. We have contacted Dell and their solution is a Tesla T4 per host plus a Grid license for every VM running with acceleration. Well, I’m not a fan. I have looked into AMD because I know their SRI-OV capable cards run without said licenses but the only one I can get quoted from Dell is an M100 card that looks like I could use it to help make the next vaccine. I want something a little downmarket from that without the Nvidia tax. We have service agreements on all of our production hosts so I can’t just buy a couple of used v340s from eBay and expect them to be supported. I’m wondering how others have handled what I think are light requirements for acceleration without an unlimited budget.


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